Saturday, December 31, 2011

Favorites of 2011

It's hard to believe, but in the past year we have posted 300 blog posts. Some of them have been funny, some of them more serious. Have you read them all?

Our mission here on the blog is to share the joy and the hope, the laughter and the dreams, of these amazing children. We love sharing their stories and hope that you have enjoyed reading them this past year.

So, with the help of some of you on our facebook page, we've gone through and found our favorite, and most popular blog posts of 2011.


The Moment
This post is one of our  most popular posts of all time. You had been following Jace's heart-longing for a family, and when his dream came true, all rejoiced. You can follow Jace's continuing story on his forever family's blog.

Two Daughters
"I thought of her the morning I first held my daughter, but I didn't yet know her name..."
(Sweet Vivian has been matched with a forever family of her own and is now named Kendra.)

Learning to Trust
Wendy's journey down the slide.

Unconquerable Joy
Ajay's life is a miracle in itself. Follow him and his family's long road to healing on their blog.

Beating the Odds
For the first time in his life, this summer, Philip stood up and walked.

The Learning Curve
Sage's miraculous story just kept getting better!

A Very Special Picture / A Miracle
Landon and Joshua have been through a lot, but their determination is going to help them go far.


Much, Much Too Busy For Me
Joshua's family came forward just days after we posted this, and he is now matched with a family of his very own. They weren't too busy for you, Joshua.

Hannah's Question
...was answered! She is matched with a forever family.

Our Little Woman
Serena's transformation was divine, and now she has a forever family waiting to bring her home!

Noah's Grin
Noah is still waiting for his family, but that doesn't make his story any less amazing, or his dream any less beautiful!

Wordless Wednesday

Helping Mei Mei - February 9

Boys in a Bubble - March 23

Too Cool - May 11

Brother Love - June 15

Very Happy Kids - June 27

Fostering Love - July 13

Big Brown Eyes - August 1

An Infectious GiggleDecember 13

Vincent and Friends
This silly group of kids are all in their forever families now. We have no doubt they are adding a lot of silliness and joy to wherever they go!

Tony's new name is Jabin, and he's still just as silly!

Tea for Three
Back when they first started preschool...

Joy and Roy keep us giggling with their silly antics.

With Great Power
...came great responsibility for Jayce (now CJ).

Cora and William are finally in the same preschool class!

Glad Tidings We Bring
The sweetest Nativity you'll see this year

The New Family in Town
Serena, Alex and Hannah start their own, creative little family

Tough Competition
Our amazing kids compare battle scars

Josiah is motivated to stand in therapy by a yummy cookie.

One of our most popular posts this year! Polly, who is now Khloe and is living with her amazing forever family, has a song in her heart.

Philip and the Shark
Are you afraid?

We can't get over what an amazing miracle Philip is!

New Day South
Was it about time for little Asa to get his famous hair cut? We asked for your votes and the people spoke.

A Whole Lot of Growing Going On
Jewel crawls and Benjamin takes his first steps!

A Good Report
Renee recovers well after her spina bifida surgery

To Always Remember
Her story kept getting more and more amazing. Her life proved again and again that love was bigger than hopelessness, and miracles more effective than the knowledge of doctors.

She Was Worth It
Paige left us unexpectedly and we went reeling, but loving her reminded us that it's always worth it. Our hearts were broken, hers is healed.

Did you have any other favorites we failed to mention? Please share yours!


  1. Gracious...I have so many favorite posts...every one of them, frankly!!!!
    I love remembering His faithfulness throughout this year. So faithful to all these precious children. So faithful!!!!
    Happy New Year, friends. You are in our prayers, our thoughts, our hearts forever!

  2. i'm so glad someone nominated my favorite!! by far and away, the post about joshua needing a family. it was that post that God used to move us to hear His yes!

    however, it's so hard to choose a favorite beyond that one because there are so many miracles there every day. so many sweet smiles and little memories. i love them all!

  3. ...they're ALL my favorites!! Keep up the great work, Hannah! You had a great first year following in Carrie's shoes, and I can't think of anyone better for the job! New Day is SO blessed to have {had} BOTH of you!!

    (LOVE the photo of Asa and his awesome HAIR!)

    Wishing ALL of you and blessed and healthy New Year filled with lots and LOTS of praise reports and MUCH love!!


  4. I agree with Tanya! Great job Hannah!!! Though I don't comment much, I've loved staying connected through the vivid pictures you paint through your words and the stories you tell. Keep it up!

  5. Love them all, but of course we were most fond of "Vincent and Friends." Can't tell you how many times we watched that video when we were waiting to bring him home...and now he's watching it with us, laughing at his silly antics. Thank you for each post that draws attention to each child. If not for advocates spreading the word about him because they knew of him through New Day, we never would have found him and he wouldn't now be our son.