Friday, June 10, 2011

Vincent and Friends

Welcome to Vincent and friends! On this show, Vincent will read you a book, teach you some sign language, make silly faces and try to pose for the pictures that he's convinced the camera is taking.

But wait, there's more! We shot some stills during the filming of this episode that we thought you might want to see. Vincent asked for this shot: "Taka me picture!" and posed handsomely for it.

He wanted a shot of this pose too. Vincent, you are just too funny!

It took a few takes to get this shot right... 

(don't miss the last few seconds of the video where we've filmed this pose live!)

It's a wrap!


  1. Hannah that video is amazing!! Vincent is such a character - I miss him so much! Give him a kiss from me, Arwen

  2. Hope I get to meet one of them soon!!!!

  3. ADORABLE!!!!!!! They are totally cracking themselves up! Love it!

  4. So funny!!!
    I love Vincent's little lippers!!!

  5. That is some priceless footage.
    And what a smart cookie that Vincent is ... trilingual (signing, English and Mandarin)!

  6. What a bunch of silly goofballs Jace, Reagan and Vincent are!
    Mr Vincent is one bright little guy...I too am impressed with his trilingual skills!

  7. Oh, goodness! I miss those three!