Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tough Competition

These kids have not had it easy. They've been through a lot, physically and emotionally, in their short lives. But, in every situation, these little fighters have emerged victorious.

Earlier this week Joshua, Jace and Reagan were hanging out together with Ruth in one of their bedrooms. Suddenly, Jace pulled down his shirt and, pointing to the scar from his heart surgery, proudly announced, "Wo de!" (mine)

Reagan quickly responded by revealing her own heart surgery scar and said, "Wo de!"

Joshua has never had heart disease, so he didn't have a chest scar to show off. Not one to be outdone, though, Joshua twisted his body around and pointed to the small of his back, where his spina bifida scar is."Wo de!"

Jace sensed that he was no longer on top of the game, so he pointed to the small scar on his forehead. "Wo de!"

Reagan did a quick examination of her appendages and found a little scar on her wrist. "Wo de!"

Joshua just pointed to the scar from his clubbed foot repair surgery. "Wo de."

We can't declare a winner... they're all champions in our book!


  1. That is indeed some tough competition ... as well as generous signs of empathy and compassion!

  2. That is soooo cute! They are so adorable :-)

  3. That is soooo cute! Already comparing "war" scars! They act like teens or young adults. haha!

  4. Just like soldiers showing off their scars!! They have been through the Battle and have won!!! YEYE Donnie

  5. That picture of Joshua is so funny! I feel like I know these kids because of the pictures that you all post and the prayers I lift for them.