Friday, July 10, 2020


In our in-orphanage project, when a child has a birthday, the birthday party becomes the highlight that month. The children enthusiastically look forward to the arrival of this "celebration"... Every birthday party is exciting because there is cake for everyone.

Who has a birthday?

Time to celebrate together 

A candle is lit, illuminating every little expectant face

Special blessings for Silas

Isaiah, happy birthday

How many candles are there? Stephanie is already a big girl.

Sweet moment

The children's enthusiasm was without reservation

Bite by bite, can't stop

Abner loves the cake

James is really a good brother, bringing cake to Michael

Samuel offers cake to Stephanie

Who can resist such delicious cake?

Freddy was surprised that James could finish eating such a big piece of cake

Birthday Gifts

Then come the gifts and the birthday party is now complete.

New clothes for Kai

Clothes, and Freddy’s favorite -books

Silas has a lap full of gifts

What gift did Stephanie get?

Isaiah will look so handsome in his new clothes

Happy, sweet, and contented.... the children's hearts were quickly filled. This special time brings far more than cake and gifts. The children are deeply immersed in their nannies’ warm care and companionship. They enjoy the simple joy of having time together.

We are thankful to have you in our lives.
Friday, June 12, 2020

Introducing Logan

Logan recently joined our “Savannah” project.

He is very smart and a cute little guy!

The arrival of Logan set off an exciting event in our activity room.

The nannies rushed to tell each other, and the children waited to meet their new brother.

When his nannie saw him for the first time, they had an immediate bond.

When she held out her hand, Logan went to her and let her hug him!


Logan has a pair of big bright eyes, his skin glows, and his small button nose is very cute.

After coming to his new home, Logan was a little uncertain of this new place. He opened his eyes wide to observe everything around him, his small hands were clenched tightly.

Nannies and children welcome Logan

“Mom, this little brother is so cute. Mom, I want to give my brother a toy."

The children like their new little brother very much and welcome Logan in their own way.


He felt the warm love and that everyone accepted him, so he quickly put down his guard and began to accept and become a part of his new environment.

When Logan was younger, he was part of our formula project where he received formula and nutrition monitoring until he turned one year old.

Now he has joined our in-orphanage project and we will be able to continue caring for him till he is adopted. We are all very happy to have him join our family.

Because of the early intervention in receiving formula the foundation for his early development is obvious.

His physical development and adaptability are very good. We feel very encouraged seeing the difference that good early nutrition has made in Logan’s life.

We believe that in our big family, with everyone’s support, Logan will have a wonderful tomorrow!