Friday, November 16, 2018

A Very Special Guest Post: Adoption Awareness Month

For adoption awareness post one of our graduates, Emma Leal, wanted to share some of her feelings about adoption with all of you!

Emma Leal was adopted in 2010 when she was 3 years old. She is now 11 years old.

When do you say when people ask you about being adopted?

If I’m asked I say, “Yes, I’m adopted”. My friends know I’m adopted. At my school and in our community, many children are adopted, I’ve never different. My mom helps families adopted children from China too. 

What are some of your favorite things to do?

 I like to read, play my violin, swim in our swimming pool & golf with my dad. I’m always outside playing. My family & I go kayaking & hiking, we all like to be outside. We went and picked apples 2 weeks ago. 

How has your adoption impacted your life?

Being adopted has been the good. I have 2 sisters, 1 sister in law, 1 brother and 1 brother in law. 
I was 3 when I was adopted, I remember a little about living in China but not much. I do ask my mom questions about when I lived in China, she answers the questions she can but she doesn’t have answers to all my questions.

If there anything you would like to tell your nannies or foster parents?

I have pictures of my Nai Nai & Yai Yai. My family sends gifts to them a Christmas gifts every year with pictures of me. I know they loved me and took very good care of me. My parents said they’re going to take me to China one day. 

What would you like to do in the future?   

I'd like to be a veterinarian when I grow up. I love animals and animals love me. I have 3 dogs, 1 cat and 5 chickens. 

Thank you for sharing a little bit of your story with us, Emma Leal!

Friday, November 9, 2018

Where Are They Now?

November is adoption awareness month and we love taking the time to celebrate! One of our very favorite ways to celebrate is to share pictures of children that have been adopted from New Day over the years. Seeing each smiling face and knowing that they are loved fills us with so much joy. 

As you look through the pictures we hope you are able to recognize children you sponsored, prayed for, visited, or played with. Children that you watched grow up while they were at New Day and children that you joined with us as we celebrated their adoption.

Now we have the privilege to see them a little older, to see them not as orphans but as forever sons and daughters. Some families have shared pictures, and some have shared updates of their children, and we hope you enjoy this as much as we have!


Hudson and Tessa Joy (2012)

We brought our Tessa Joy (AnnaRose) home the Summer of 2014 and while we visited ND  preschool, we met Hudson and knew we needed to find a way to bring him home. We prayed. We asked. We waited. We were told no. Doors were closed. But, our prayer for him never changed. Tessa continued to bring him up in conversation and in prayer. Oh the prayer and faith of a child. Her Father in Heaven listened and answered! It was 4 years later when by nothing short of a miracle, we traveled back to China along with Tessa, to bring home her big brother Hudson. We continue to be in awe of the story God is writing in their lives. We’ve been home for 5 months with Hudson, he brings our family to nine! What a joy he is! He, Tessa and little sis Ava are all 3 in Kindergarten together and they are thriving. We are forever thankful and honored to be their forever family.

Lilly Grace

Lilly Grace has brought so much Joy to our family! Just having her for 1 month so far has changed our family forever! We all love her so much and she freely gives us love right back!



Rosie is doing great. She recently got her wheelchair to help her with mobility. She just had her birthday at the end of September she is now 10 years old and is in the second grade at school.



Ari has been doing amazingly well. He has had 1 brain surgery and 1 skull surgery in the 18 months he has been home. He will likely have another major skull surgery in the next year to help him hold his head up easier. He has been working on using a communication device to voice his wants/needs and seems to love his new Kindergarten class. Ari is working hard each day and continues to exceed expectations on all fronts. 



We could not imagine life without our sweet Milo Abel. We always remember that our gain came at great personal loss to others (and also to Milo). It is humbling. We are immensely proud of who he is and where he came from. We have loved bringing his Chinese culture into our Mexican-American home.





Enya is our great love, our life, the light that lights our every day. We wish that her benefactors know  she's growing well and happy.




Taryn is doing great!! She is a feisty, determined little girl. She loves elephants and kitties. She has three sisters and four brothers. Her youngest brother, who is 3 months younger, came home from China this summer. 



 It is the common cliche to say how both long ago but how quickly time has flown in the two years since first meeting our son, Jonas Timothy McCulloch.  It was on November 8th when we officially adopted him in Taiyuan, and since that day, our family cannot imagine having Jonas as part of our family.  He has embraced the things we love, going to church, seeing movies, watching our high school football games, and playing video games with his siblings, but it is what he brought into our home and hearts that I cannot imagine.  Where there may have never been basketballs and basketball nets, we now get to here the dribble of the ball twelve months out of the year.  Jonas' laughter and joy have brightened our home in so many new ways.  And in his sharing of his past life, and his perspective on what he never had, he has helped us value what family means so much more.  With his bravery in having hemophilia, attending a school where no one spoke Mandarin, learning to read and write and become successful at school, trying out and making it on our 8th grade basketball team, his perseverance and determination are so inspiring. We are so grateful to have Jonas as part of our family



Hannah Joy

She will be 11 years old in January and is in second grade in school. Hannah loves everyone, especially her family members and people from school but is very outgoing, social and doesn't know a stranger no matter where we go. She is typically a pretty happy girl, still super busy and always on the move but loves to be a helper, too. Her very favorite activities are doing puzzles, playing in her toy kitchen area making food for everyone (she is a great hostess!) and playing outside digging in the sand and dirt. She also loves to sing and dance and is quite the performer :)  Our life before Hannah Joy must have been pretty quiet and a little dull because this sweet girl has spiced it up! We are so thankful for her and for New Day helping her to become the fun and loving child that she is!


Noelle is 6 years old and home 3.  She is just a pure joy!  This rockstar is in Kindergarten, already reading , playing piano, and taking ballet.  More than that she loves family time.  We are beyond blessed.


Zeke has been home for 3 years in December! He is from New Day South! His advocate name was Grady! He is our little gem for sure!


He’s Mr. big boy as a proud 6year old kindergartner who has lost his two bottom baby teeth. 


Zoe has brought so much joy to our family, we can hardly remember a time without her. She truly loves being part of a family and a community. She is excelling in third grade, she made a travel soccer team this year and loves it!   She also loves spending time with friends and making slime. Her smile is so contagious that is is hard to not smile when you are around her. She is so proud of her past and being from China, and knows that it is a big part of what makes her so special. She is the bravest, funniest, silliest most loving child, and we are truly blessed!!




She is doing fine and She is very loved by family, friends and in school. She is so social, creative and empathic.


Maya is doing so well. She is doing great in school and taking piano lessons.




Declan is now 7 years old and in first grade. He enjoys school, plays soccer and loves traveling


David (formerly Calvin- New Day Beijing) has been home for 5 ½ years. He is an active 7 year old who loves school, soccer, Disney, the Baylor Bears, and family! Adoption has made us the family we knew God had planned for us and has shown those around us the love that adoption can bring. Many people remark about how precious he is and we agree. Without the love that adoption brings we wouldn’t know the joy of being parents. We love sharing our adoption story with others! We could not love David more or be more appreciative to the love and care he received at New Day!!





Now 12 & in 6th grade.
Great big bro and super handsome young man per this completely biassed mom!



Daniel was adopted at (nearly) age 3 in
2011 as the fourth of our children. There are no words to express how
much light and love he brings to our family.

I also have to add that his cardiologists think that his TOF heart
repair was done so beautifully by the surgeons in Beijing (thanks to
New Day) that he will not need any further surgery in his lifetime.
We are so humbled and grateful that he was given a second chance at
life while an orphan.
Adoption has added to our family, in number, but more importantly in
LOVE!  We always, ALWAYS tell people that we are the ones that were
blessed by the addition of each of our children.

(moved to Heaven August 2018)


Emma Leal




He will be 12 this month.  Recently, he started middle school at a new school in Singapore and is learning Chinese so he can communicate with New Day folks when he visit next time. 

Shane (2006) and Abigail


Ruby has been an absolute joy from day 1. We can’t quite believe what a perfect fit she is for our family. She is happy, joyful, kind, generous and full of love. We are forever thankful to God and New Day for the gift she is! 



Luke is now 13. He loves Rubiks cubes and had a lot of fun with this one that we found on a family trip to Ireland this summer!


She is doing great! She is in 6th grade and LOVES school. She is a good student. Emma is involved in soccer, basketball, piano and is a mass server at our church. Emma has a great group of friends that she enjoys spending time with. Emma is a big sister now! We adopted her sister, Megan, from China in 2015. Emma brings such joy to our family and we love her so much. Thanks for all the great care you provided her early in her life!



Now a college freshman with a 4 year academic scholarship at Queens University in Charlotte.



Mamas and Babas, thank you for sharing your precious children with us! We continue to celebrate the lives of your children and thank you for saying yes to them!