Thursday, January 23, 2020

Training Project- Infection Control

In response to seasonal changes, that often cause the spread of harmful germs and viruses, we took the opportunity to train the nannies, medical staff, therapists, special education teachers and other staff that work with special needs children on infection control.

There is a chain of infection that show how infection is spread.
1. Harmful germs
2. Source 
3. Way out
4. Spread of germs
5. Way in
6. Person at risk

Our goal is to keep our kids healthy. To do this we need to break the chain of infection. We need to keep the germs from spreading! 

How do we break the chain? 
1. Decrease exposure to source of germs. 
2. Kill germs. 
3. Contain the spread of germs. 
4. Keep immunes systems healthy to be able to fight off infection.

Using glow germs we showed the nannies how far a sneeze goes, how germs can be spread from surface to surface and how difficult it is to get rid of germs. 

After the training, the nannies were inspired and began to identify some bad habits that they had never taken seriously before. Everyone began to point out areas in their workspace where germs could survive a long time. 

One of our management staff started to wipe the light switch with disinfectant wipes. Another nanny went and wiped the door handles right away. A floor manager said she would add and equip at least two more insolation rooms to help stop the spread of gems. 

Sam and Abner showed a lot of interest in what was happening and joined the team in cleaning. 


We wish everyone we love a healthy and joyful Chinese New Year!

Thursday, January 16, 2020

The Return

December 2019, 6 years after he was adopted, Jonathan was able to return to China and visit New Day with his parents.

His parents talked about how much they love him, that he is always smiling (he still has the same sweet smile) and brings them so much joy. Jonathan is athletic and the smartest child in his class- it must have been that early start in preschool and all the stimulation he received early in life.

Coming back after he was older had some advantages. When he was at New Day he was too small to use the exercise equipment in the backyard. But this time he was able to enjoy it with his parents.

Jonathan was able to see his old room, visit preschool and the rest of the home where he spent his early years.

Some sweet news was Jonathan and his parents brought cakes from a bakery that makes cakes for the pope.

So all the children and staff were able to taste and enjoy cake that the Pope eats.