Sunday, April 19, 2015

NDNorth: All About Timothy!

It's been brought to our attention that little Timothy is paper-ready for adoption! Just in case his forever family may be reading this blog, we thought that we'd introduce you to this very special little guy.

Timothy is a year and a half old, but adorable beyond his years. He has the indisputable talent of being able to make hilarious faces. This is Timothy's "There's a big ball rolling towards me!" face. 

Timothy has Down Syndrome, which means that he has less muscle tone than other children his age. To help him gain strength in his legs, so that he can learn to walk one day soon, he spends some time in the prone stander every day. During that time, his nannies like to play ball with him. Timothy loves balls.

Timothy can play well by himself, but he's getting more and more engaging, and has decided that Freddy is his very best friend. The two of them have the same nanny and so do a lot of activities together. Don't they look like buddies?

It's Timothy's smile that really gets us... he is so happy!

And when he's really, really happy, he can twist his face and make us laugh.. which makes him even happier. 

Timothy is famous for his socks, or lack thereof. He will not leave socks on for any lengthy period of time and it's not uncommon to find a sock here or there on the floor, and when we ask the nannies, "whose sock is this?" she'll always reply, "Timothy's!"

Why does Timothy take his socks off all of the time? Well, it could have something to do with his toes...

Is that right, Timothy?

Aha! Is it because your toes are yummy?

...or maybe they're just so much fun to play with?

Whatever the reason for Timothy's aversion to socks and delight over little toes, there is no doubt that he's a scrumptious little guy, full of personality and joy and potential.

We thought that you'd enjoy seeing Timothy in action, because what's better than a picture of him being cute? A video, of course!

Before bedtime the other day, we pulled out the baby dolls for a more restful activity. Timothy quickly picked his favorite dolly and chatted with her for quite a while. If only we understood what he was saying to her...

It's hard to be too much cuter than Timothy...

For more information about adopting this little guy, you can contact Julie at 

More information about adopting a child from New Day can be found here.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Strawberry Picking 2015

We love taking the kids on field-trips that enable them to experience the world outside New Day Foster Home.  Many of the trips are ones that we do every year because they are just so much fun, and our annual strawberry-picking expedition is one of the first of these trips, once the weather starts to warm up here in Beijing.  This year the strawberries seem to have ripened nice and early.

It's fun to look back at last year's strawberry-picking expedition; many of the kids featured have now left us to join their forever families!  Enya had only recently arrived, and it's so wonderful to see how much happier and more confident she's looking now.

Josiah is one of the kids that wasn't with us for last year's trip, and this was almost certainly his first time picking (and tasting) strawberries.  It looks like he enjoyed the experience, doesn't it?

Judah arrived last Summer, so this was his first time strawberry-picking too.  With a little help from his friend Rachael, he was able to get in between the strawberry beds and select the juiciest berries to put into the box (or his own mouth).

Hannah and Zoe are expert strawberry-pickers (and eaters).  Both of these lovely young ladies are matched now, and we are hoping that their next berry-picking expedition will be with their forever families.

With the lush green of the leaves and the jewel-red of the fruit, the strawberry patch makes such a pleasing backdrop for photographs...

...especially when the children's clothes are beautifully color-coordinated!  A few smears of red-berry juice just adds to the effect, as Violet demonstrates.

Annabel took a little persuading to taste her 'first' strawberry, as she is too young to remember last year's trip.  Eventually she agreed to a little bite; she pulled such a funny face...and went on to eat three more!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

NDSouth: Gone Fishin'

In case you haven't figured it out by now...

...we know how to have a fun time here at New Day South!

Noelle has caught a big one!  

Reel it in sweetie, use those muscles!

You did it!  Way to go Noelle.

Margaret is helping with the next one!

Your turn Margaret! You can do it.

Well done, Miss Margaret!

Hayden loves to hear and feel the cranking of the fishing rod as he reels it in.

You are so observant Hayden, trying to figure out the mechanics of the fishing rod.

Margaret loves to help Hayden, oops looks like the fish is snagged on Margaret's toes!

A boy and his fishing rod, Hayden loves fishing.

The playroom river is teeming with fish today!  

Our PR Staff Sukey is getting in on the action today.

Wow Naomi, you caught a big one!

Looks like Noelle has a call on her fish phone.

Anna's turn! 

Now that was fun, the day we went fishing in the playroom!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Transformation Tuesday: Millie

This is the very first post written about Millie (or 'Selah', as she was then known), when she first arrived at New Day South.  She was about to turn two, and had been living for 8 months in a local orphanage, after being abandoned when she was 16 months old.

It's a heart-breaking start to a story, isn't it?

Millie's heart was not only emotionally broken, but physically broken too.  Her severe heart disease would have been the reason that her birth family left her near the orphanage, when there was nothing more that they could do for her.

Millie spent about six months receiving lots of love from the amazing folk at New Day South, but she desperately needed surgery and all the local hospitals were unwilling to take on such a serious case. The only surgeon willing to operate was here in Beijing, and she would need after-care too, so it was decided that Millie should move to New Day Beijing.

Another big change for a little one that had already been through so much.  It's no wonder that, in her first pictures taken here, she looks wary and cautious...

This amazing little lady did SO well, adjusting to her new surroundings and new carers, and bravely setting off to the hospital to have her surgery.

She even managed a beautiful smile while she was waiting to go into the operating room!

The surgery went well, although afterwards the surgeon told our director that he had been afraid to attempt such a complicated and dangerous surgery.  At the beginning of July last year, Millie came back from the hospital.  You can ready this post about her recovery and readjustment.

At first she was so weak, unable to walk or lift anything.  All she really wanted to do was just sit and be cuddled.

There were plenty of cuddles, and before too long there were cautious steps...

...and beautiful smiles!

That was last Summer, what about today?

Looking good, sweet girl!  It's a wonderful transformation.

The best part is still to come.  One day soon, Millie will join her forever family!  We are so privileged to have been a part of her story, and we know that the rest of it is going to be even more amazing.