Tuesday, December 1, 2020

New place, new experiences

Moving to the new location has given us more space. The children can run and play freely, and there are more toys to play with.

All the large toys that could not be accommodated in the past have all been moved in so the children have access.

Liam loves playing with the colorful car

This big car is so cool

We need to lay a long, long track

Go train go

What is this?

Hmmm, which one is better?

Let's sing a song


I am a serious Pianist

The fish is hooked

I will eat you when I catch you

Ruth catching a fish

Come on! Come on!

It's not tall enough...

Let me "blow" you down

Let me try and see how high I can build it

See how good I am

After studying all day the kids can’t wait to play with the toys. They like the challenges the different toys give them.

Whether it is playing alone, sharing, or watching the competition, laughter is everywhere.

We are thankful for the donations from loving friends, so that the children’s lives are carefree and full of fun.

Our wish for the children is that they will be happy and peaceful every day.

Monday, November 16, 2020

The Art of Developing

I am Austyn. Many of my friends may still remember me. There are many faces in my heart, but I can't speak them all.

In recent years, I have changed a lot. I have learned to walk, eat, and play with toys by myself. 

Every day my nanny takes me to a small class. This class brings me surprises and challenges every time. I find that I have more space to learn and explore.


I am also happy with my progress. You see, I know a lot now, and am quite good at playing? I am no longer the kid who used to throw things without a goal. I can distinguish different shapes; there are triangles, squares, rectangles, and circles... 


Different colors, black, white, red, green, yellow...

I have learned about brushing my teeth, washing my face, bathing, combing my hair, eating, reading, and daily going for a walk. 

Although I have very little hair, I have learned to comb my hair

My nanny taught me to build things using building blocks. It may not be worth mentioning in your opinion. For me, it took my nanny a lot of time to teach me. I like the colorful building blocks very much, but they are very difficult to build, and I need the help of my nanny.


My nanny also encouraged me to learn to understand the needs of others.

Look, the bear is thirsty, so I will give him a drink of water.

In my daily life I have time to study, time to play, and time to wander freely. I believe that in the next year, with my nanny's help, I will get better and better. Thank you for always cheering me on.