Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Transformation: Everrit

Everrit arrived at New Day just in time for Thanksgiving last year. He was 5 months old and had an ENT defect.

Everrit quickly won the hearts of everyone around him and we loved getting to know this handsome boy.

His sweet giggle filled a room and he loved playing and exploring.

We watched as Everrit grew from a baby to a toddler, as he learned to crawl and as he took his first wobbly steps.

In May Everrit had surgery to correct his ENT defect and after his recovery he continued to thrive.

He lights up a room and greets those that he loves with a huge grin.

Everrit will leave soon to join his forever family and we are so excited for him! We know that he will continue to thrive in the loving arms of his very own mama and baba.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Transformation: Lilly Grace

In 2014 a little girl arrived at New Day and we named her Ava.

Ava was born with Down Syndrome and heart disease and we immediately fell in love with her.

We know now Ava as Lilly Grace and are so excited as she is about to join her forever family.

As Lilly Grace grew up we loved watching her learn, explore, and discover new things.

We celebrated each birthday and holiday with Lilly Grace letting her know how loved and important she was.

We were so excited when Lilly Grace was able to begin preschool knowing that it would continue to open new dooors of opportunity for her.

Lilly Grace was able to join a local foster family and she thrived in the family environment they were able to provide for her.

Lilly Grace always worked so hard in therapy and we were her biggest cheerleaders as she reached each new milestone.

And, as many of you know from the video that quickly spread across Facebook, Lilly Grace loves looking at herself in the mirror and her joy is contagious.

We will all miss this sweet girl but are so excited for her bright, beautiful future!