Friday, September 16, 2011

The New Family In Town

Walking into the backyard the other day you would have come upon a funny sight. Alex was leading about a small group of his friends, and giving them names. To Vincent he said, "You're Ella!" and to Jace, "You can be Paige." He and Serena were the parents of these two children, both recently adopted.

"I'm the handsome Dad." Alex told me.

"My name is Julie!" Serena said.

 "And I'm the teacher!" said Hannah. "Come on kids, time for class!" she called.

Later on we heard that Serena and Alex were going to grow their family through adoption yet again! They were on their way to pick up Wang Shu, our Foster Family director, and add him into their family.

We're so happy that our children have such a beautiful picture of families.

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  1. What a beautiful family! Serena grows more beautiful every day. So glad to know that each of these children has a family waiting for them, ours included.