Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Joyful Heart is Good Medicine

Our sweet Maya is fighting.

We mentioned here that Maya has been diagnosed with a Wilms' Tumor. After her first chemo treatment, Maya got really sick with pneumonia and had to be admitted into the hospital. She got over the pneumonia this week and has just been released. It's shocking to see how tiny she has become while struggling with pnemonia, and how large the tumor has grown (she was unable to have her chemo treatments while sick in the hospital). She really needs a miracle.

But Maya, despite so often crying out in pain and discomfort, has not forgotten how to smile. She still knows what Joy is, and we know that this is what is going to get her through. As her strength fails her and pain consumes peaceful thoughts, the joy from Maya's smile will keep her alive.

For us, as we watch her struggle and hope that further chemo treatments will shrink the growth and redeem Maya's precious life, we need to remember that the best thing we can do for her is to help cultivate and maintain that joy.

A Joyful Heart is good medicine, and we're going to up Maya's joy dosage from now on.

Note: In response to the Anyonomous comments, let us assure you that we are doing everything possible to give Maya the best chances to fight this cancer. We will not settle with anything but the absolute best care for her, and our priority is for her life and happiness.


  1. Why did you geve this poor thing chemo?
    Look at her! thats not Maya anymore!!
    You do it for yourself not for Maya

    1. This is a fight for her life
      Can´t you see it? Really?
      Thanks for fighting, ND!!

    2. What an awful thing to say. Would you let your own child die without trying to save heir lives. ND loves these children as their own.

    3. what an awful thing to say! would you let your child die without trying to save their life if there was a chance for that? ND loves these children as their own and fights for their lives!

  2. Oh!!! Qué delgadito!! Espero que pronto se recupere...IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
    Desde España

  3. Praying for sweet Maya.
    THANK YOU for what you do for these children.
    Blessings from Spain

  4. Yes, she is fighting! And she will win and overcome!!! With HIM, Jesus Christ, we are all able to overcome no matter how old we are!
    I was reading about this kind of cancer. And specially children are overcoming this bad sickness. Live is not easy, and it is always good to have people around you fighting for you, caring and loving you in and through these situations.
    No one is worthless to fight for!
    Thanks to all of you New Day Foster Workers! It´s a great job you´re doing.
    You´re a great testimony for the Lord.
    And soon we will be able to see her recovering......
    In a family......
    Greetings from Germany

  5. Praying for sweet Maya! Jesus sees and has great compassion...He will fight for her!
    Praying for all of you...

  6. We are lifting you up sweet Maya and for all of you at New Day.

  7. You are so stupid!
    When there is a growing tumor and the child is crijing from pain and look like little maya then lett her gow, no pain anymore!!

    1. And just give up on her life? That's absolutely ridiculous. If there's a chance that chemo could save this child's life, then it should be done! Have you seen her medical records? No, you haven't, therefore you do cannot sit here and make these comments. Good try, though.

      I think if you're going to make offensive comments and start name-calling, then you should have the guts to identify yourself instead of posting anonymously.

  8. Thank you for choosing to hope for Maya's future and for bringing her joy throughout her fight. My daughter was so sick during chemo but bounced back after. We're praying for total healing for little Maya, and strength of heart for all of you. Nothing is impossible with God.

  9. Praying for Sweet Maya!! I am so thankful for places like ND that not only provide the medical needs for their kids but also love and nurture them through it. THank you for doing everything possible to save this little ones life so that one day she can maybe have a family to call her own! There need to be more places like ND in China to help more little ones suffering.

  10. I was just encouraged, while praying for Maya, with a phrase from a verse in Psalm 140. 'I know that the Lord will maintain the cause of the afflicted'...praying for a BIG miracle Maya, I know the Lord is fighting with you and for you, may you feel his strength and presence continually, and know His miraculous healing.

  11. "Anonymous", I see your point of view on Chemotherapy (BUT NOTHING ELSE), but they had no choice. But it is terrible you posted things like that! "Shame on you)