Thursday, August 25, 2011

NDSouth: A Good Report!

We took Renee today to see the doctor who performed her surgery for a check-up.  He was very pleased with what he saw and confirmed that she really is doing well.

And if the doctor's report is not enough, take a look at the pictures below.  Renee is getting up by herself now and able to stand steady!  She is so proud of herself and loves hearing all the applause and praise from her caregivers.   First steps can't be far away..


  1. Yay Renee! And it looks like you're teaching Hope to stand too! :) And I bet Jonah cannot wait until you can run with him and play chase! :)
    We love yall and are praying for you everyday!

  2. Renee is such a beautiful sweetpea GOOD FOR YOU GIRL! You go get 'em!
    I am SO thrilled that her surgery was a success and I LOVE seeing it with my own eyes. AMAZING!
    And sweet-sweet Hope right there with her ... she has my heart wrapped around her little finger.
    She is not far behind in the walking race is she? Maybe just in time for her upcoming First birthday.
    Sweetness overload!

  3. I LOVE that photo of Renee and Hope together... too sweet! It's so fun to see these updates from NDS ~ precious, precious, precious!!! :)

  4. Oh be still my heart! Look at those precious angels :) These little girls are standing! Its so good to see Renee's strength and to see Hope standing alongside her brings me to my knees. Sending our love and our prayers for all of you and especially for sweet Hope!! Your nevus buddy, Sully, sends an extra special hug and a kiss too.