Thursday, November 17, 2011

Together At last

Meet the newest morning preschool student: Cora. She turned three last week, but blew out her candles just yesterday. Scroll down for a super-cute video of that exciting moment.


Cora, only being a three-year-old, and a new one at that, didn't know quite what to think about her new class. The room was the same... the picture on the back of her chair was the same... Ah! But the kids were different, and playtime was much more classlike.

While Cora tried to figure out what was special about this class, someone else already had it figured. That someone was William.

He was as proud as punch to have his beautiful little sister, with her hair done up all pretty and wearing her new sweater, to show off to all of his classmates. She had to sit in his lap, and he made sure that she knew the motions to all of morning preschool's favorite songs. William's lookin' out for you, Cora.

And now, for that video...


  1. This absolutely made my day!!! I can't get enough of it! :)

  2. Oh my... how wonderfully sweet.

  3. What a wonderfully sweet post!! Cora's first day of preschool is so precious & video from her birthday is just amazing! Tara I can't imagine how excited this makes you!! Cora is so beautiful!
    You two are blessed to have each other & New Day!

  4. tara...i know you want to jump on a plane NOW and go get your sweet girl....could she be any cuter???? OMG she's beautiful


  5. That is SOOOOOOOOO cute! New Day, you have a way of making everything SO special, and all of us who have (or soon will be bringing home!) our children from there, are beyond BLESSED for all that you do to love on our children and make them feel so special!! I will never forget getting those bday photos of Khloe. Tara is sure to treasure these FOREVER!

    God bless and Happy Birthday to Cora and Sage!