Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Beating the Odds

I’ve only spent about a week with Philip, but my time with him has already been an incredible whirlwind of joy and excitement. During my first few minutes with him, I could not wrap my mind around how amazingly bright he was. His English was impeccable and he knew that my Chinese was not. Every time he spoke to me in Chinese, I responded hesitantly, repeating what he taught me back to him. Philip always reassuringly responded with “dway,” as he continued working with an activity. Philip was always very aware of how he could encourage me, not only with my Chinese, but also with the little things that needed to be done in the pre-k room. He was on top of tasks such as cleaning up after snack, or knowing who should go outside before lunch.

Philip is always so filled with joy, no matter what he is doing.

When I first got the background on Philip’s life, I learned that the doctors believed he would never be able to learn like other children and that he would never learn to walk. Clearly, their first prediction never came true. Now, Philip is working on proving them wrong in the later prediction. For two days now, he’s strapped on his new leg braces and strolled around the entire back yard using his walker. I’ve had the privilege of watching him make such astounding progress.

I could be biased, but I don’t believe I’ve ever met a little boy as inspiring as Philip. With a heart of gold, a bright mind, and unbelievable inner strength, he not only beat the odds but he also lives his life to the fullest with an infectious laugh and a precious smile. I am truly blessed to have met Philip.

This post was written by our intern, Bri

Note from Hannah: I just want to say a huge "Thank You!" of those who have contributed to Philip's brace. Even though the ChipIn has been hidden on our Wish List, many of you came forward to help out and Philip is benefiting greatly from your generosity. Thanks!


  1. What an inspiration! And a testimony that 'nothing is impossible....'
    WAY TO GO BUDDY!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yes, Go Phillip! He has waited a long time for this. This boy is So Happy and has Such a Wonderful Laugh ! Man I Love that Laugh! A Truely Amazing Young Man! He Will Go Far in His Life!