Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NDSouth: Whole Lot of Growing Going On!

For her first few months at the foster home, Jewel would sit very quietly and watch all the activity going on around her.  In recent days, however, she has learned to crawl, and now she's on the move..

And not one to let a heart surgery slow him down, Benjamin recently took his first steps.  We are all so proud of him!


  1. How precious!
    Christmas Gifts for NDS are in the mail ... be on the look out!
    Love & Blessings,

  2. Oh how fun to see updates on NDS! That little Jewel is as adorable as ever! ~ I just want to kiss those sweet cheeks of hers!!

    It's wonderful to hear of their progress and see Benjamin on the 'run' ...look out world, here he comes!! ;)

  3. Look at him go! What a big boy you've become :)And Jewel,you really are a treasure! And there's Hope...our little beauty. May all that ND love wrap you up tight till mommy and daddy can make their way to you. Hugs!!

  4. WOW! Benjamin: you are looking so good. Now you can explore all sorts of new things and places. "Where, oh where, is Benjamin going now..."