Monday, June 27, 2011

The Learning Curve

 Sage has quite the miraculous past... and she's only seven months old!

If you read her amazing story, you learned that when we took her in to see if she was healthy enough for surgery, we found she was too healthy for surgery. The two holes in her heart were closed up and, except for her cleft lip and palate, Sage was perfectly healthy. This miraculous healing allowed for her to have the cleft lip surgery recently, and, the more we think about it, the more amazing it seems.

If Sage's heart had not been healed, she would still be waiting for heart surgery.

Until she had heart surgery, Sage would be unable to have her cleft lip surgery.

Not until Sage's cleft lip surgery can she have surgery for her cleft palate.

There's at least a six-month wait between each surgery.

As you can imagine, a cleft lip and palate is a big deal. It makes life very difficult. It's harder to eat, harder to drink, and learning to speak is a challenging process. But now Sage can begin learning to do all of these things!

And look, she's even re-learned how to smile! 


  1. very touching! Beautiful little girl!

  2. Hannah, Love this post! So grateful for Sage's healing. She is dear to us in Sterling, America. We miss all of you, especially the children.

  3. Sage...Me and my class helped her!The whole grade 3s in CANADA!