Monday, February 28, 2011

Tea for Three

Cora hosted a tea party last week. She invited two of her best friends, Miranda and Ajay, and they had a marvelous time.

The preschool room has a corner built into a playhouse, complete with a little kitchen set. The children love to open the door to their little house and play with all the pretend food and dishes. The kitchen is set with a stove and refrigerator, cabinets and sink. There's also a little kitchen table in the corner complete with chairs to sit at.

Cora and Miranda were excited to get the tea party ready. They all found tea cups for themselves and Ajay. Cora poured imaginary tea from the teapot.

Ajay sipped his tea and sighed satisfactorily, "Ahh!"

Miranda found a spoon to stir her tea with and Cora served herself an imaginary plate of something yummy.

What a happy party they were! Ajay happily drinking his tea, Miranda flitting about busily clattering plates and spoons and Cora giggling as she poured tea.

We love watching the creativity of the children. Seeing them pretend and have fun is such a precious sight.


Today Miranda called to me and pointed to the playhouse. I suggested that we invite Ajay along and she immediatly agreed. The three of us went in and I found three teacups. After pouring each cup full of imaginary tea, we each drank, sighing, "ahhh" after we sipped. Miranda gently took the teapot from me and poured Ajay another glass. He put the cup to his lips, tipped his head back and pretended to drink. As soon as he was done Miranda poured him another glass. Then she poured herself one. He drank his fill, she didn't. Miranda walked about with the teapot in one hand and her cup in the other, pouring glass after glass.

She must have been thirsty.


  1. So fun! There's nothing like a tea party!

  2. ohhh, i miss these fun little moments! thanks for sharing, Hannah!

  3. [It's crazy seeing Carrie on this side of the blog!! Just say'in.]

    This is TOOOOOOOO cute! Khloe would LOVE to have a tea party with her fellow NewDay siblings. What fun!! Sweet moments!


  4. I Love It. I got in on a few of those "Tea Partys" They were always fun. I miss everybody there and LOVE the pics. Helps when I get "Extra Homesick"! I have been going through that a lot since coming home. Someday!! Don't know when. I guess when ever God is ready,he will see that it can happen. As for me, Yes I am ready!
    Till I get to See Y'all again
    May God Bless
    PaPa G