Monday, January 2, 2012

She Sings, She Dances

The gifts had all been unwrapped and tummies were happily full after a delicious Christmas lunch. Then someone handed Serena and Alex microphones and the performances commenced! The "backyard school" students (Serena, Hannah, Alex, Joel and Elly) recited some of the poems that they memorized in class...

And then Serena sang a solo her piano/music teach had taught her!

Alex and Serena were a huge hit, especially among the little ones. Evie began to rock back and forth to the melody, which we thought was totally adorable.

Watching Evie and Serena's mutual love of music was very sweet. We know that these two musical-minded girls are going to go far.


  1. Beautiful, I'm sure! :) This makes me cry, as I know Haley misses ya'll so! I have looked at the pictures of all these precious children so many times, that my heart feels like I know them all so well. You are doing an excellent job at the website infor., Hannah! :) Thanks for blessing our hearts with all this great news! Hope all are blessed! :) ~Laurie Stone (Haley's mom :)