Friday, December 30, 2011

A Little Puzzle Crazy

Every morning, Anton spends an extended period of time in his bedroom doing nebulizer and oxygen treatments. His nanny spends that time with him, and together they come up with many new and creative ways to occupy the time. For example: the fun game they invented with a puzzle.

Anton is a little bit too young to be dexterious enough to put a puzzle together himself, but that didn't stop him and his nanny (Alice) from having a blast. Alice filled the puzzle tray in Anton's hands with loose pieces, and then Anton let them fly.

It goes to show what an exciting woman Alice is; she not only encouraged this activity... she invented it.

So, despite the clean-up and organizing requried after an activity like this, it's totally worth the happy and content child. Do you have any games to preoccupy your children that, upon first impression, don't seem 100% beneficial? Please share!

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  1. My toddlers used to play for hours standing on a stool at the kitchen sink full of waters and mounds of suds. They would be soaked and water and bubbles would end up everywhere, but who could deny the joy of washing dishes and building soap monsters!