Thursday, November 3, 2011

NDSouth: The Votes Are In, Asa Keeps His Hair!

Although we suspect the results were heavily influenced by gender ;~) , the verdict is overwhelmingly in favor (75%) of Asa keeping his "do".

We'll revisit on his 3 month birthday, but for now, Asa's locks will continue their ascent..



  1. That photo is worth a thousand words!! ...and that hair has to be worth even more! ;) LOVE that handsome little rock star and that signature hair of his! :) This photo needs to be entered into a contest of some kind!

  2. His little expression seems to be saying, "Yeah, I'm rockin' this look."

  3. Asa is the cutest little guy and he doesn't even seem to have to try! LOVE the hair and that SWEET face!! (And think of the money he will save down the road on gel and mousse--he'll have naturally sticky-up hair ... 'er ... unless that's not in fashion when he gets older in which case he'll be spending a lot to get it to stick down.)

  4. He is SO adorable! I do think you are right about gender, my husband said that he definitely needs a haircut! LOL! The girls in the family think he looks wonderful this way!

  5. He is the cutest and I love the hair. ;p