Friday, May 20, 2011

Noah's Grin

He was almost two months old the day he arrived. Diagnosed with a serious heart disease and Down’s Syndrome, his local orphanage knew that they would be unable to provide the care that he needed. On May 23, 2008, he became one of the “upstairs babies”.


Tiny and weak, Noah needed to gain strength before he could have his desperately needed heart surgery.  We’ve learned from experience that a little love can go a long way in the life of a child, and before we knew it Noah started smiling.

Joy brings health to the bones, and with that smile came strength. In August (2008), Noah was ready for his heart surgery and it went very well. A fighter, Noah recovered and quickly began to catch up on all of the developmental milestones his weak heart had hindered him from meeting.

In January the doctors said that Noah was healthy enough to be placed into a foster family. They lived nearby and there was already an older child in their home – Noah had an older brother! 

Noah’s Down’s Syndrome was diagnosed as a mild variant, and he began coming in for therapy. His grin, the sign of happy child, didn’t change. It seemed to grow. 

And so Noah grew…

He learned how to walk, and suddenly a new world was opened up before his little eyes. 

He turned two and with that came preschool. Noah loves preschool. He loves playing with all of the different toys, he loves singing songs and he loves learning new things. Watching his face light up when he succeeds is the most beautiful thing.

He’s a big boy now. We’ve watched him grow up from a little baby into a handsome young man. He is a happy three-year old. He gets excited about his therapy, is always on time for class, adores his big brother and thinks that bunnies are the most interesting creatures around. It seems like he has everything a little guy could want, but he doesn’t. He’s missing the most important thing, a family. Noah needs a family. He needs someone whom he can count on to be there for him for the rest of his life. Someone to cheer him on to do his best; someone to love him unconditionally; someone to watch that beautiful grin spread wide over his face when they come in. Could you be his family?


  1. A special little boy!! I hope he gets a family soon!!

  2. Noah ... you make my heart melt. Praying for your forever family!

  3. You are the cutest boy, Noah! Praying that your family finds you soon. No doubt in my mind, they will be blessed to have you! I love your smile!

  4. Praying for Noah's family to find him!!!

  5. awww that face!! Sweet sweet boy. I am praying.