Friday, September 16, 2011

Much, Much Too Busy For Me

Joshua's lived at NDFH for quite a while. In fact, during the time that he has been here, over 50 children have been adopted. That means, for our Joshua, that 50 Mamas and Babas have "found" their children.
We get a lot of serious questions from the children. They ask things like, "Where's my Mama?" "Why can't I fly on an airplane to America?" "Do I have parents too?"

"Where are my parents?"

To answer these heartbreaking inquiries, nannies and staff alike assure the children that they do have families. Each one of them has a mama and a baba who love them desperately. They just haven't found them yet. There are parents out there for each of the kids, we remind them often, and right now, at this very moment, those parents are frantically searching and looking for their child. They're very own Noah... or Lucy... or Joshua.

Joshua knows the routine by heart. He's experienced the excitement that comes when a child discovers that their parents found them. And over the years, his excitement has often led to grief, because his family still hasn't found him.

Being the rational, logical, and brilliant kid that Joshua is, he's determined the cause for the fact that he's still parent-less. These are his very own words, his excuse, for why his parents haven't found him:

"My parents are busy, that's why they haven't found me yet. They're just very busy. Too busy."


  1. Oh sweet, sweet Joshua...
    I am praying for your family to find you soon!

  2. Praying for their busy search to send sweet Joshua!

  3. we had the honor of meeting joshua when we adopted our daughter emma lael (addison) on september 20, 2010 (almost 1 year ago) joshua was the one child that my husband and i couldn't get off our minds...he is extremely sharp with a smile and personality that lights up a room ;0) sweet joshua, your mama and daddy are just waiting for God's perfect timing.

    we love you sweet boy

  4. he's home now, in Texas. sleeping in his bed, with his brother in the other bed next to him and his two sisters down the hall. and his parents, downstairs, so happy they took the time to listen to the Lord and bring him home.