Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tony the Teacher

What do household appliances and the weather have in common with each other?

A lot when Tony's the teacher.

Tony got a chance to be the teacher during playtime one day at preschool. He did a great job leading the real teacher, Gloria, in the some of the preschool's regular activities. First they sang, "What's the Weather Like Today?" using a refrigerator to indicate windy, a vacuum cleaner for rainy and a clock for sunny. Then Tony quizzed Gloria on the date and season, rewarding her correct answers by letting her put a piece in the puzzle.

We cannot get enough of his sweet voice.


Have you seen the newest page on the blog? It's up on the right-hand sidebar; titled, "Wish List." We'll be updating this list regularly with our most recent and our most urgent needs. If you're interested in sending something our way, just send me an e-mail. Our two biggest needs right now are PediaSmart, a vital part of the diet for many of our children, and Philip's brace. You can find more information about these needs on our Wish List.


And we'll end with this picture of Tony...

 ...because it's impossible to get too much of his precious smile.


  1. Oh adorable! Going to check out the wish list now....

  2. Tony, what a smart and amazing boy you are, not to mention a fabulous big foster brother to Lucy Kate! Our family prays for you daily! What a blessing to hear your sweet voice. You are loved, sweet Tony!

  3. Oh, I miss Gloria SO MUCH! I just love her heart for the kids. And she is just so darn funny, too.

    And of course Tony is precious :)

  4. It was fun to see both Gloria and Tony together in this video. Khloe loved watching it with me... she likes to watch all of the New Day videos over and over and over...... ;)

    Tony does have the sweetest voice... SO cute! And Gloria is just so good with the kids. Just watching this makes me miss you all so much!