Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Moment

We know we just teased you with the picture of Robert (now named Jace) "meeting" his new family…  we wanted to share a few more details, as we know many of you have carried him closely in you hearts as he's waited for this moment.

When we got the picture, Karen took it to the dental clinic, where Jace was pretending to get his teeth cleaned with some other children in preparation for an upcoming trip to the dentist.  (We've found the "pretend" version helps the real trip seem less scary.)

Karen walked in the door with the picture behind her back.  She caught Jace's eye and smiled as she pulled the picture out from behind her back.  His eyes widened and he asked "Wo de?"  ("Mine?")

Karen nodded and Jace let out a squeal of excitement as he ran towards her.  Pulling the pictures out of her hand, he soaked in the details of his new family.  It didn't take long for the other children in the room to crowd around, celebrating the moment with Jace.

Then Jace put his hands in the air, airplane-style, and buzzed around the room, happily shouting that it wouldn't be long before he was on an airplane bound for America with his new family.

Soon he went back to the foster home, and when his nanny found out that he'd been matched, she cried with joy.  As the other children found out Jace now had a family, they eagerly reached out to see the photograph.  Somehow Jace got separated from it for a few moments and he started crying, "Where's my mom and dad?  Where are they?"  Needless to say, the picture was quickly relocated back to Jace's hands.

As for me, I found out about Jace's new family a few days later.  The kids were mostly still asleep in their afternoon nap time, but Jace was awake and in the playroom.  I walked in and asked if he had some special news.  He nodded and smiled as he told me he had a family.  I asked to see a picture and he went to retrieve it from his room, whispering as he searched for it so as not to wake his roommates.  After pointing out each of his new family members, he smiled, said "I love them," and covered the picture in kisses.


  1. I don't think I could be crying any more right now! But, praise God...they are tears of JOY!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, I am bawling like a baby. Jace's family, you're going to be soooooo blessed! (again!)

    Thank you, Carrie for sharing Jace's story this morning. It certainly warmed up a blizzard-y day for me!

  3. Oh my this is amazing, I have tears in my eyes!

  4. oh Carrie ~ this post has me in tears AGAIN! There is something just SO special about this match that has me crying everytime I share the news with someone else or read about it... I am SOOOOOOOOOO happy for Jace and his blessed new family!

    I think the photo of Sophie and Jace did me in, too, since she was Khloe's nanny, as well! She traveled with Khloe to her province and the love I still feel in my heart for her and Rose is deep. They will always hold a special place in our hearts and Khloe's.

    Thank you for sharing more of Jace's story... we have eagerly waited on the edge of our seats to hear more. I can just picture the excitement in the room when Robert(Jace) found out it was "his" turn!! :)

    God bless! <><

  5. I am Jace's mom and today is my birthday!!!!!
    You couldn't have given me a better birthday present than the recount of that event!!!!!!!!!
    We are blessed beyond measure and not even sure I am worthy of the blessings of Jace and all of you who have prayed for him. This whole thing has been totally God's doing and it is amazing to me that when we obey God the great things that can happen!! I am snowed in today working on our dossier paperwork. I can't stop looking at his sweet face and thinking of how much joy he will bring to our family!! Pray for speedy paperwork!!! We are so honored to be his forever family and thank all of you for your love and prayers for Jace!!! He is truly a special boy!!!!!!
    God Bless you all as I have tears of joy going down my face!!!

  6. Happy Birthday Jace's Mom; and Happy Day Jace!! Hold tight the pictures until you can tightly hold each other forever. May it come ever so quickly.
    God's Blessings,

  7. Congratulations and Happy Birthday to Jace's mom! We will be praying for favor with all of your paperwork and that you are united with your sweet son very soon!

    In Him-
    (Reagan's mama!)

  8. OH how I have longed for this day when sweet Robert discovered he was CHOSEN!
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  9. Oh, I'm crying such happy tears as I type this! Jace, I am so, so glad to have seen just how happy you are!
    My son, whose birthday is exactly one day before Jace's, jumped up and down and did his victory dance when I told him that little Robert had a family. He was the one that led our family in prayer for Robert each and every day.
    There is so much still not right with the world, but this blessing is a reminder that there is still so much good!

  10. The tears are pooling here, too. Happy Birthday, Robin! I can't wait to meet Jace someday! And thanks, Carrie, for sharing the story/pictures. We've been eagerly watching for more of the details, too.

  11. I read a guest post about Jace (Robert) on Love Without Boundaries' blog about a month ago, and he has been in my prayers ever since.

    My family rejoices for Jace and his new family! We are so thrilled for you!

  12. Robin,
    I just have to comment here, as I heard Jace had a family on the Yahoo board. Congratulations!!! This post just made me cry.. A boy who is so ready for his family. God's timing is perfect!!!! What a wonderful gift for you to know on your birthday that this precious child is now truly waiting for you!! Happy Birthday!

    My favorite quote, that I too am living today.. "When God reveals and we respond, he blesses us!"


  13. Oh tears of joy for this precious, precious boy!!! God is SO good!!! Thank you so much for sharing. And Happy Birthday Robin! You are getting one very special little boy.


  14. Oh, sweet boy! It is finally your turn for a family. You've got such a sweet, sweet spirit that I had the honor of witnessing over 6 months. Your family is so blessed! I love you!

    Oh, and happy birthday, Robin! You have been blessed with a wonderful kiddo :)

  15. This little boy has wound his way into my heart something fierce all because one of our sons volunteered at New Day last fall and Jace and James formed a bond.
    God bless this wonderful family as they lovingly continue to raise a bundle of joy and exuberance whose emotional heart seems to make up for any lack in his physical heart!

  16. Oh my--tears here too! I have loved his smiling face in all of the picture's of him here, but ached everytime I saw another of his "brothers" had been chosen, but not him. I am rejoicing and thinking his new family will be so incredibly blessed. This beautiful boy wants a family so badly--what a "perfect" heart he has.....

    Many blessings to his new family!!

    Amy D.

  17. Oh praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!! So very very very sweet...too sweet for words, only tears!

    YAY JACE!!!!!!!!!! We're so so so happy for you....and know that you are gonna bless your family's SOCKS OFF!

  18. Congrats to Jace and his family. They are so lucky to have him!

  19. Yeah for Jace!!! God is so good! I am in tears right now picturing him looking up at Karena and asking "mine?" What a great start to my day. One more child will soon be with their family.

  20. Hope you don't mind. I was so touched by this post that I linked it from my blog. Makes me want to pull my paperwork down and get going again!

  21. WHY did I read this at work?!?!?!?! I can narely type for the tears! Robin- you truly have been blessed beyond measure! I hope you will start a blog and let us all know what it is so we can continue to pray for Jace and for your family and follow his progress. He holds such a special spot in Cooper's story, and all of our freinds and fmaily have been praying for Jace since The blog post about his reaction to Cooper seeing our picture for the first time!

    Jace- God has big plans for you to give you hope and a future! So, so happy for you!!!

    Carrie- THANK YOU for the details- even if I am bawling! :) What a privilege to share in Jace's life during this time!!!

  22. That was absolutely precious!!!! Congratulations to Jace and his new family!
    Thank you for sharing that wonderful news!

  23. Well ... sounds like we've all got the ugly cry going. What a privilege to share in Robin's birthday gift post and Jace's dream come true news of a forever family!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  24. Oh, my word! This nearly brought me to tears! Oh, I am sooo happy for Jace (so is my 4 yr old who has been praying he would find a family for months!)

  25. Oh...so happy for you Jace/Robert! I long for this moment for each of those precious kiddos. Thank you for sharing it with us Carrie! Congratulations to Jace's family! It has not been too long since we experienced that same blessing with seeing photos of our son Matthias/Aaron looking at pictures of us:O) So surreal when you see it and then so hard to wait for the final moment to come to bring them home. Oh God loves to fill that empty void doesn't He. I will be praying for your family and Jace as he/you all prepare for that great day and the future He has in store for you as a family. God bless you.

  26. Praises! Jace we are celebrating with you and your Forever Family. I knew this day was soon coming for you - you precious little boy!


    This little life has touched us deeply. Thank you for sharing this story.

  27. Thank you for sharing... he is such a special little guy. Thanks Robin for also posting... sounds like he is matched with a special family. This is really touching.

    - Anna

  28. Tears of joy, yet again, for our sweet Jace! Thank you for each sweet detail. Can wait for the forever home part to begin :)
    -Heather (Lillian's mommy)

  29. Laurie - previous volunteerFebruary 28, 2011 at 3:43 AM

    Jayce crowned me with his language of love and that is physical touch I will miss Jayces excitement as I would enter the room and he would run to give me a hug, for a little child Jayce has so much love to give, and he touched and blessed my heart. Laurie.

  30. I have looked at the pics and read this probably a dozen times. I was there last fall mid Sept till just before Christmas. I remember the tears in "Robert"s now Jace's eyes and he would ask "When do I get a Mama and Baba?" Well there are tears of joy in my eyes everytime I look at and read this story. Jace is Very Much Loved by everyone. I rejoyce at the news of any of them being matched and when they finally get to Go Home!
    May God Bless Y'all, Jace's family!!
    He is an amazing young man!!And he LOVES birthday cake! So you might need to have another birthday party when he gets home.
    I have a couple Great pics of him with cake all over his Wonderful Face! Jace (Robert as I knew him) I Love you kid!!!You are forever in my heart.
    PaPa Gordon
    PS I'm still praying for Emelia to get to go home with her new family.