Friday, July 8, 2011

Hannah's Question

“I want to go to America,” Hannah said.

“Really?” I asked, “why?”

“I don’t know!” she grinned, then pranced off to play with her friends.

Hannah’s been watching her foster sisters, Elizabeth, Jenna and Serena, very closely as of late. Jenna and Elizabeth have been matched for a while, and Serena was just recently matched with her forever family. Hannah is the only one without the treasured knowledge that she had a family of her own. She used to say she didn’t care, but things have changed. Now, Hannah wants a family.

She’s such a beautiful little girl. And since she arrive, she has matured so much. She’s inquisitive and lovely and such a joy to be around. Since we met her, we’ve seen her excel in so many ways. She used to say, “I can’t, I can’t.” Now she tries, and gives each task her best effort. She’s come so far and has so much love to share. But she also has an aching piece of her heart that wants a Mom and a Dad to fill.

Serena, Hannah’s foster sister, was talking about her Forever Baba and Mama recently. Every time she mentioned her Mama, Hannah asked, “What about mine?” Every time Serena talked about her Baba, Hannah quickly chimed it, “Do I have one too?”

We eagerly wait for the day when we are able to answer Hannah’s questions with a yes. 

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  1. I am stepping up my prayers for a family for Hannah! This makes me ache for her! She will be such a blessing to her family, and I am praying they find each other SOON!

  2. I wish I could bring this Beautiful girl home with me. She is So Sweet and Loving. She would try to hide it by being silly (funny) like kids will do. I Love You Hannah. And Always Will.
    PaPa G

  3. What a precious girl. This post makes my heart sad, she deserves a baba and mama.. Praying for a forever family for this beautiful girl.

  4. We met Hannah the day we met our Maria. We were there the day she moved to the Forever Home. Such a precious child and it has been a blessing to see how Hannah has blossomed the past 18 months. We pray that she has a forever family very soon.

  5. We will pray for Hannah's family to find her, soon! How I ache for her to have a family of her very own. We love your beautiful, precious heart sweet, sweet girl!