Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Special Picture

We have a very special picture to share with you today. But it's not a normal picture. It's a picture of strength and an image of determination.

It's also really cute.

It's a special picture because it was taken of Landon, who was just released from the hospital last week. Landon, who recently had surgery on his clubbed foot. Landon, the little boy who is in a cast but still manages to rapidly crawl around the playroom.

Landon, who climbed up the ladder to the slide the other day - all by himself. You are our hero, Landon, and we hope that you will never know the meaning of the word, "can't".


  1. He is SUCH A DOLL!!! Cute photo of a very cute and strong little man! Way to go, Landon!! You have a very bright future in store!