Friday, April 29, 2011

Foster Siblings

At New Day, we believe that no institution, regardless of how good it is, makes up for the lack of a family. Because of this, we try hard to get our children into foster families as soon as they are healthy enough, and we are so blessed with the amazing foster families who live nearby and care for these children like their own. They are our heroes, especially the families who choose to care for multiple children at a time. Not only do the kids get to live in homes with their very own foster parents, they also get to experience the wonderful dynamic of having a brother or sister.

Timothy is one of the sweetest and most caring big brothers you could meet. He loves his little brother. Noah, in return, adores him

Lucy Kate and Tony are two peas in a pod. They're almost always playing together and they both love animals.

Emelia and Isaac make a handsome pair. Their little foster brother, Sean (not pictured), is so blessed to have these two as his foster brother and sister. 

Not Pictured: Zoe and Kiah; Phillip and Julian; William and Cora; Polly and Daniel.
Thursday, April 28, 2011

More Than An Egg Hunt

Yesterday we held our annual Easter Egg hunt. It was a lovely day and the kids' honorary big brothers volunteered to help hide some of the goodie bags. Some of the treats ended up nested in our trees, way above the children's reach. Reagan and Daniel were not concerned. When they saw the treats up in the trees, they just turned to their da geges (big older brothers) and lifted up their arms.

Because as you know, big brothers are great for reaching things.

 In the steady, strong arms of their big brothers, the children didn't leave a thing in the trees.

As well as finding treats and treasure, the children also enjoyed playing with our rabbits, goat and the new duckling. One of NDFH's staff brought some baby bunnies with her to the party. The children were awed by the tiny creatures, especially Lucy Kate and Tony.

Tony kept calling to his foster sister, "Lucy Kate, come see this bunny!"

Lucy Kate didn't reply. She was busy holding the tiniest of the bunch.

Most of the children found themselves weighed down heavily by their heavy baskets when the hunt was over. Lots of the candy was consumed quickly and we heard that Jenna didn't manage to save any of the candy in her heavy basket for home. The children sat together, sprawled out on the fresh grass, and showed off their goodies. In the corner of the yard, under the shade of a small tree, we caught this scene.

Vincent was happily doling out his candy and treats, piece by piece, to whomever wanted them.

"One for Lucy Kate," he said, handing her a piece, "and one for Tony."

Vincent, it turns out, filled his basket to the brim with candy. When he realized that he had more than he could possibly eat himself, he set out on a mission. Walking about the backyard from child to child, Vincent assessed their need for his candy.

"Hmmm... too young." He said about one of the little ones. Coming upon Noah, Vincent chose a piece of candy and handed it to the younger boy. Noah's face lit up and Vincent, proud of his generosity, set off in search of another willing recipient.

Our afternoon turned out to be much more than just a mere Easter Egg Hunt, it was another priceless glimpse of how precious these children are to us.
Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: A Kiss from Big Brother

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Learning New Games

What is that look all about?!

Jenna has been learning some new card games like UNO. While she enjoys it a lot, she doesn't completely understand it all just yet. However, she is learning and can readily match the colors and numbers but doesn't quite understand the other cards that makes one draw so many extra cards for instance! THIS is the look of one who is secretly thinking "Just how did you know AGAIN what I have over here if I haven't shown you?!!" She sometimes gets a bit frustrated when skipped or made to draw a bunch of cards. We're so pleased that she is learning new games and can now enjoy more of these things with her older foster sisters.
Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Days

On the lovely spring days we spend most of our time outside if we can help it. Some days we've gone to the market to buy fruit...

...some days we just stay home and play with chalk.

Climbing is always a lot of fun...

...and then sometimes so is just sitting in the grass

Great weather and fabulous kids, what more can we ask for?

Friday, April 22, 2011

Can You Believe...

Can you believe that this tiny, delicate baby... now this happy, healthy little girl?

She's got the kind of cheeks that make us happy... and very eager to kiss.
Thursday, April 21, 2011

After You Eat Your Apple...

Much to the kid's delight, a tour group came through earlier bringing with them a huge, beautiful cake. It wasn't time for a birthday party yet (we plan to celebrate next week) but that was not a problem.

Cake for snack it was!

We have one of those "silly little rules" in the preschool that the children must eat their fruit before they can have their crackers, cookies or cake. That rule was very hard to follow this particular afternoon. Samuel doesn't really care for fruit; Lucy kept trying to convince us that she was done, and Eliana was so distracted by the cake that she couldn't concentrate on finishing her apple.

Eventually, after a few failed attempts by the mischievous little ones to prove to us that they were indeed done, despite the fact that there was half an apple slice clenched in their fist, the fruit was gone and cake was served.

Lucy chose to get the apple-eating over with as quickly as possible and just put the rest in her mouth. Then she clasped her hands and said, "ready!" Much to her disappointment, we asked her to finish chewing.

Hannah was the star of snack-time. She didn't fuss or complain about eating her apple. She finished her slice and waited patiently for the rest of the children to finish theirs before being served cake. Hannah was served first and she certainly deserved it. You won't often see a frown on the face of this sweet-tempered girl!

As soon as Samuel had finished chewing his apple he was already deep into his slice of cake. Working hard to get out of eating his apple had given him an appetite. After the, "Quick, take a picture of Samuel!" moment he was instructed to use his spoon. Then we had to tell him to use only his spoon.

Ajay was an impressive eater this afternoon. He can be a bit picky, but today his sweet tooth was out in full force and he plowed through both the apple and the cake.

...and thus ends another tangible lesson in consequences.

A Special Picture

We have a very special picture to share with you today. But it's not a normal picture. It's a picture of strength and an image of determination.

It's also really cute.

It's a special picture because it was taken of Landon, who was just released from the hospital last week. Landon, who recently had surgery on his clubbed foot. Landon, the little boy who is in a cast but still manages to rapidly crawl around the playroom.

Landon, who climbed up the ladder to the slide the other day - all by himself. You are our hero, Landon, and we hope that you will never know the meaning of the word, "can't".
Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Boys in Hats

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

All On His Own

The afternoon preschool class was busy making bunny ear hats in preparation of our Easter egg hunt this week. Nearly all of the children had someone helping them put their hats together. Some of the children were on their own, though, and one of those was Noah.

Noah did a great job of putting stickers on his headband, but when he had used up his stickers he looked around, wondering what to do next. The rest of the class was beginning to measure their headbands and adjust them before stapling the circles in place. Noah, who doesn't often take initiative, watched carefully. Then he lifted his project to do the same.

It was a perfect fit.

Behind the Bubble

Can you guess who blew such a bubble?

Perhaps this picture will help you identify the blower...

Elizabeth is quite good at blowing huge bubbles. It's one of her favorite past-times.
Monday, April 18, 2011


 Sisters, Sisters
There were never such devoted sisters!

All kinds of weather, we stick together
The same in the rain or shine...

Two different faces, but in tight places
We think and we act as one.

Those who've seen us, 
Know that not a thing can come between us.

 Zoe and Kiah are the sweetest things. They're foster sisters and are both growing so quickly that we find ourselves doing a double-take when they come in for their monthly check-ups.
Kiah's lovely eyes shine brighter and brighter each month. She took her first steps after just a week in her new foster family and since then has been growing in leaps and bounds. Zoe was a quiet and serene little girl when she first arrived. You would never guess that now, though. She's got spunk and a gorgeous head of hair. We're so glad that Zoe and Kiah get to be foster sisters for this time in their life. Who knows what sort of forever families they will have in the future?
Friday, April 15, 2011

First In Line

A visiting dentist has been checking the children's teeth this week and Miss Lucy Kate was the first in line. Her serene courage must have set the tone, for not only did nearly all the children not squirm, they also enjoyed the cleaning!

After patiently waiting until the dentist was done setting up, Lucy Kate hopped into the seat and opened her mouth wide open.

How beautiful and clean your teeth look, Lucy Kate.

Lucy Kate's sweet-tempered personality lights up her surroundings. Without trying, people fall head-over-heels in love with her. We're so blessed to be part of your big family, Miss Lucy Kate!
Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Found Coin

They were in the backyard after lunch hunting for snail shells when Reagan spotted something shiny.

"What's that?" she asked. Reaching for the shiny disk, she excitedly showed Jace what she had found. It was a one kuai coin (equivalent to 15 cents)!

Nearly jumping up and down with excitement, Reagan and Jace showed their nanny the coin.

"You may buy something at the store with that," she said. They walked over together, breathless with joy.

One little coin doesn't go very far in an adult's world, but for Reagan and Jace it went just far enough. They scurried into the store, a rarely entered place of unknown goodies. Jace entered out of breath from excitement and the effort put into walking all the way. Reagan was nearly skipping, so great was her enthusiasm.

They came out, their hands tightly clasping lollipops.

Jace and Reagan were full of laughter and pride as they showed off their purchases. Containing their excitement would have been impossible.  

The joy that finding a lost coin brings is precious.We hope they know that we're overflowing with joy because of them as well.
Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bouncing to the Music

Polly loves to dance and shake her sweet little body. She and Daniel, her foster brother, come to preschool together in the afternoons. It's so sweet to watch Daniel look out for his "little sister".
The other day Daniel and Polly were both the in the same corner of the preschool room playing. While Daniel was busy with one of his favorite toys, a music-making car, we watched as Polly started bouncing and dancing along to the tune.

She's definitely got a thing for music. Watching her joy of music come forth through the tapping of her little foot is precious. We hope that she will never loose that bounce and will never, ever stop dancing.

Wordless Wednesday: Sliding Down, Smile First

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Rock Star!!

Jenna's our newest rock star!

We recently had someone visiting us bring a few new Wii game we'd purchased from the States. One of the girls' favorites is the dance along game with some of their favorite nursery rhymes. Their second favorite has to be the band hero game using the guitar. We so enjoy seeing them have a good time playing the family Wii.
Monday, April 11, 2011

Wiggling Toes

Some of the Foster Home staff held their own "Day Without Shoes" today and the preschool decided to join in. The children were full of giggles as they took off their socks and couldn't keep their fingers from their toes.

Can you tell who's toes are who's?

 ...maybe this will help. Clockwise starting on the left is Tony, Jace, Joel, Lucy Kate, Reagan, Philip, Emelia, Vincent and Timothy.

Taking advantage of the tangibility of the children's toes today, we sang, "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes." Of course we got a video of it.

New Day South: Play Time!

Now with 3 children, and a 4th on the way, its starting to get a bit lively around here at New Day South.  Kenneth is (slowly) learning how to share - both his toys and center stage..

Sometimes, however, Kenneth still comes on a bit strong with his little mei-mei's.  Not one to easily acquiesce, Renee has learned how to use her toys to keep him at bay!

Friday, April 8, 2011

"Ready!" for Snack

When the children come to preschool for the first time it takes them a while to figure out the routine. Our newest students this month, Hannah, Sean and Samuel, are catching on quick with the help of some of the old pros. Cora keeps everybody in line and Lindsey is a shining example of model behavior.

Ready For Snack from New Day Foster Home on Vimeo.

Apparently Sean and Samuel still have a lot to learn. They're quickly catching on to saying, "Ready" and folding their hands before being served their snack, but it seems like their table manners could use a little bit of work. One cracker at a time, Sean, please. And Samuel? How about using your hands.
Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's Not Fair...

It's not fair that only girls can wear hair clips.

Our young ladies were delighted at the bag full of darling hair clips, hand-made by one of our sponsor's friends.

The expression on Hannah's face pretty much sums up her thoughts on the new hair goodies. She loved them.

Putting a clip in precious Joy's short hair was a bit more complicated, but doesn't she look darling?

Sage wasn't sure what we were doing to her head when we put the clip on, but she didn't seem to mind the pretty flower in her hair at all. It stayed in all afternoon! And her hair? It's remarkably cute and funky, isn't it?

Samuel was insistent for a clip of his own. "Wo de? (mine)" he asked, patting his head. Not on your head, silly boy, you're not a girl! Lapel clips are perfectly acceptable, though. Doesn't he look handsome?
Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Daydreaming