Tuesday, April 19, 2011

All On His Own

The afternoon preschool class was busy making bunny ear hats in preparation of our Easter egg hunt this week. Nearly all of the children had someone helping them put their hats together. Some of the children were on their own, though, and one of those was Noah.

Noah did a great job of putting stickers on his headband, but when he had used up his stickers he looked around, wondering what to do next. The rest of the class was beginning to measure their headbands and adjust them before stapling the circles in place. Noah, who doesn't often take initiative, watched carefully. Then he lifted his project to do the same.

It was a perfect fit.


  1. Good job Noah! You are precious!

  2. What a great accomplishment for sweet little Noah! Way to go guy!

  3. He's SO precious!! :) Way to go little man!

  4. we still have our bunny hat from Mya's days at New Day!

    Noah - you are so precious!! Happy Easter!!