Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's Not Fair...

It's not fair that only girls can wear hair clips.

Our young ladies were delighted at the bag full of darling hair clips, hand-made by one of our sponsor's friends.

The expression on Hannah's face pretty much sums up her thoughts on the new hair goodies. She loved them.

Putting a clip in precious Joy's short hair was a bit more complicated, but doesn't she look darling?

Sage wasn't sure what we were doing to her head when we put the clip on, but she didn't seem to mind the pretty flower in her hair at all. It stayed in all afternoon! And her hair? It's remarkably cute and funky, isn't it?

Samuel was insistent for a clip of his own. "Wo de? (mine)" he asked, patting his head. Not on your head, silly boy, you're not a girl! Lapel clips are perfectly acceptable, though. Doesn't he look handsome?


  1. how daughter had great 'stick-up' hair when she was a baby it!


    stuff and nonsense

  2. That little Sage is such a cutie! And Samuel... OH MYYY!!! ~ he just gets more adorable all the time!! :)

  3. My, oh my... adorable and beyond are the little beautiful girls and their clips!!! And Samuel: you are on definitely on to a fashion statement!!! Lapel Pins for Boys!!!
    I wish I could hop a plane tomorrow.

    Big Hugs Across the Ocean :-)

  4. All are simply adorable!! I wish I could rush over to give them all a cuddle and lots more clippies!

  5. Samuel is darling! He sounds just like my little man ~ always asking for a clippie when I do his two sisters' hair...
    Oh, and Samuel, I tell my little guy no too. :)

  6. Boys can wear hair clips too! :)