Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Found Coin

They were in the backyard after lunch hunting for snail shells when Reagan spotted something shiny.

"What's that?" she asked. Reaching for the shiny disk, she excitedly showed Jace what she had found. It was a one kuai coin (equivalent to 15 cents)!

Nearly jumping up and down with excitement, Reagan and Jace showed their nanny the coin.

"You may buy something at the store with that," she said. They walked over together, breathless with joy.

One little coin doesn't go very far in an adult's world, but for Reagan and Jace it went just far enough. They scurried into the store, a rarely entered place of unknown goodies. Jace entered out of breath from excitement and the effort put into walking all the way. Reagan was nearly skipping, so great was her enthusiasm.

They came out, their hands tightly clasping lollipops.

Jace and Reagan were full of laughter and pride as they showed off their purchases. Containing their excitement would have been impossible.  

The joy that finding a lost coin brings is precious.We hope they know that we're overflowing with joy because of them as well.


  1. The simple joys in life are just the best!

  2. What a sweet story! -Joy Graham

  3. Those two look like they have a lot of fun together... what great expressions. So excited that both have a match. - Anna Levin