Friday, April 1, 2011

Nothing Stands in Their Way!

The other day Joshua did yet another endearingly clever thing. There were some visitors getting a tour of the Foster Home and Joshua was heading down the hall on his way back into the playroom. He was crawling as usual and, when he came to the door, found that the knob was much too high above his head to open. Joshua didn't appear fazed. He quickly took the situation in and within seconds was hoisting himself up by the window sill. After Joshua had gotten himself into a standing position he began to reach for the door knob.

One of the visitors, seeing how hard Joshua was working, opened the door for him.

"No. Close the door," Joshua said. "I'm going to open it myself."

The visitor looked a little shocked, but immediately closed the door. And then Joshua opened it himself and, with a smile of triumph, entered the playroom.


Noah has been doing so well recently. He is such a smart boy. On our last field trip he impressed his adult buddy by teaching her some Chinese words. He enjoys preschool, especially singing, and is doing great in therapy. One of the things that he has been working on is blowing bubbles. It's a great way to strengthen the lips, practice blowing and have fun. We posted the picture of him successfully blowing a bubble this week for Wordless Wednesday, but the video is a winner too.

Our sweet little Nicole has been having trouble recently with spitting-up and choking on her bottle. She has a soft larynx and a possible narrow trachea (among other things) which makes swallowing extremely difficult. We recently discovered a specialized formula that seems to sit well with her. The problem is that we only have a weeks worth of this particular brand. 

Could you help us get more? 

For us to purchase enough for 4 months, it will cost about $640 USD. This is an expensive brand of formula from the States (but we can order it here in China), but if it can help Nicole it's worth it. Anything that will make her life easier is worth the price, don't you think? 

We've posted the need on our facebook page and already received $100 USD which is why the ChipIn's goal is smaller than our initial need.

Asking for money on the blog is something that we avoid. We want to keep this a place of stories and pictures - not fund raising. Nicole needs our help, though, so we trust that you'll understand us presenting the need this way.

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  1. Love that determination of Joshua! And Noah is such a cutie!
    So thankful Nicole has yall to care for her special dietary needs....praying that chipin goes to the top and beyond! :)