Friday, March 25, 2011

Shang Ke Time!

Joshua is smart. He knows his shapes, colors, numbers and more. The amazing thing? He knows them in English! Ruth, one of our special interns, has been working with him daily. We call the little sessions "One-on-one", the children call them "shang ke" (class time), and our developmental charts call them progress! It's been amazing to see what the children learn they can do after getting a little bit more focused attention. Just about every child in the foster home has a class time where they work with their special "teacher". Really they're just playing, but it's directed play that targets areas like fine motor, gross motor, speech etc. We've seen amazing results and Joshua is no exception!

The other day Ruth held up a ball and asked Joshua, "What color is this." He thought for a second then quickly replied, "Rectangle!" This made us laugh as we marveled at his amazing pronunciation and vocabulary.

He has put two triangles together and called it a "diamond." If you tell him that you love him he will reply, "I love you too!"

Here's a little video that Ruth captured of their class time the other day.

Untitled from New Day Foster Home on Vimeo.

There is no doubt that Joshua is a special boy. He has a kind heart and sweet spirit and we're sure that one day, he will make one special family very happy. When that day comes there will be no words for his joy. 


  1. I have always had a soft spot for Joshua! This little guy is precious with a capital P!!!

    -- Emily

  2. sweet!! There's nothing like videos seeing how much these little cuties have blossomed to put a big ol' smile on your face!

    I agree with Emily... he is totally precious with a capital "P"!! :)

  3. Josh looks like such a delight! I pray for him frequently! It is so obvious that his heart is being prepared for the love of a forever family.

  4. we just returned from new day with our precious daughter emma lael (addison) in husband and i would of taken joshua home with us if we could have....we brought a book to give to emma lael's pre school class and kent read the book to joshua twice....the 2nd time joshua in ENGLISH was repeating the words to kent....kent was in awww of how he was able to repeat parts of the book in english...he is a very BRIGHT little boy! i agree with tanyalee the video is HUGE it give everyone a peak at what a special little boy he is.