Thursday, April 28, 2011

More Than An Egg Hunt

Yesterday we held our annual Easter Egg hunt. It was a lovely day and the kids' honorary big brothers volunteered to help hide some of the goodie bags. Some of the treats ended up nested in our trees, way above the children's reach. Reagan and Daniel were not concerned. When they saw the treats up in the trees, they just turned to their da geges (big older brothers) and lifted up their arms.

Because as you know, big brothers are great for reaching things.

 In the steady, strong arms of their big brothers, the children didn't leave a thing in the trees.

As well as finding treats and treasure, the children also enjoyed playing with our rabbits, goat and the new duckling. One of NDFH's staff brought some baby bunnies with her to the party. The children were awed by the tiny creatures, especially Lucy Kate and Tony.

Tony kept calling to his foster sister, "Lucy Kate, come see this bunny!"

Lucy Kate didn't reply. She was busy holding the tiniest of the bunch.

Most of the children found themselves weighed down heavily by their heavy baskets when the hunt was over. Lots of the candy was consumed quickly and we heard that Jenna didn't manage to save any of the candy in her heavy basket for home. The children sat together, sprawled out on the fresh grass, and showed off their goodies. In the corner of the yard, under the shade of a small tree, we caught this scene.

Vincent was happily doling out his candy and treats, piece by piece, to whomever wanted them.

"One for Lucy Kate," he said, handing her a piece, "and one for Tony."

Vincent, it turns out, filled his basket to the brim with candy. When he realized that he had more than he could possibly eat himself, he set out on a mission. Walking about the backyard from child to child, Vincent assessed their need for his candy.

"Hmmm... too young." He said about one of the little ones. Coming upon Noah, Vincent chose a piece of candy and handed it to the younger boy. Noah's face lit up and Vincent, proud of his generosity, set off in search of another willing recipient.

Our afternoon turned out to be much more than just a mere Easter Egg Hunt, it was another priceless glimpse of how precious these children are to us.


  1. Awwww, that is absolutely precious. I miss that little guy so much, he has such a sweet heart.


  2. Anneli- I was just about to say the same thing! He is SUCH a shining star!

    Kate :)

  3. Such cuties ... each and every one!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,