Monday, April 4, 2011

He's Quite Accomplished

Look what Joel made!

Joel built this neat little tower on a Thomas the Train the other day. He worked hard putting the pieces together, hitching it to an engine and stationing the guard and cow. We're not quite sure why he chose the cow...

We've started some tutoring sessions in the afternoons for a few of the older children and Joel is thriving in all the new challenges. Recently he has been learning, in English, his colors and numbers. He's got the colors down and has begun to speak "Chinglish" (our pet name for a mixture of Chinese and English). It's a hoot to hear him say, "zhe shi yi ge yellow qi che" (this is a yellow car).

Great job, Joel!


  1. Joel, keep up the good work!

  2. so cute! I love it when they speak "Chinglish"!! ;)

  3. Good job, Joel! You are such an amazing little boy.

  4. Great job on your train, Joel!
    We spoke a lot of "Chinglish" when we adopted our 11 year old. As a matter of fact, four years later there are still many phrases that ofter show up in family conversations. It's all about learning. Keep up the good work. :-)