Friday, April 8, 2011

"Ready!" for Snack

When the children come to preschool for the first time it takes them a while to figure out the routine. Our newest students this month, Hannah, Sean and Samuel, are catching on quick with the help of some of the old pros. Cora keeps everybody in line and Lindsey is a shining example of model behavior.

Ready For Snack from New Day Foster Home on Vimeo.

Apparently Sean and Samuel still have a lot to learn. They're quickly catching on to saying, "Ready" and folding their hands before being served their snack, but it seems like their table manners could use a little bit of work. One cracker at a time, Sean, please. And Samuel? How about using your hands.


  1. Oh my goodness, Samuel was hilarious! For a little guy, he sure wants that snack! All so adorable.

  2. How awesome that I wake up, turn on the computer, and I see a video of some of my favorite people ever! Can't believe that Cora and Sean are preschool kids now-- they will always be my upstairs babies :)

  3. I'm with Jessica... it's crazy to see all the littles taking over preschool classes... can they really be getting that big already!?! Oh how time flies. I can hardly believe we are nearing our 1 year Anniversary with Khloe already! She LOVES seeing these videos, btw... she always tells me they are her friends!! :)

  4. Warms my heart to hear that "ready"! And they sure are!