Monday, April 18, 2011


 Sisters, Sisters
There were never such devoted sisters!

All kinds of weather, we stick together
The same in the rain or shine...

Two different faces, but in tight places
We think and we act as one.

Those who've seen us, 
Know that not a thing can come between us.

 Zoe and Kiah are the sweetest things. They're foster sisters and are both growing so quickly that we find ourselves doing a double-take when they come in for their monthly check-ups.
Kiah's lovely eyes shine brighter and brighter each month. She took her first steps after just a week in her new foster family and since then has been growing in leaps and bounds. Zoe was a quiet and serene little girl when she first arrived. You would never guess that now, though. She's got spunk and a gorgeous head of hair. We're so glad that Zoe and Kiah get to be foster sisters for this time in their life. Who knows what sort of forever families they will have in the future?


  1. Their forever families will be BLESSED by their smiling faces!

    Happy little sisters!

  2. YZ grew so much! so chubby now :)

  3. OH! I hope they are adopted by the same family!! or at least live and grow up close to each other!! yeye Donnie

  4. Oh ... how precious these two are together!

  5. LOVE this post! Beautiful girls and such a precious bond they share. ADORABLE!!