Thursday, June 30, 2011

You Are My Favorite

There was a little miscommunication with yesterday's Wordless Wednesday post. We asked, "which one is your favorite?" meaning to ask "which picture?" and it almost sounded like we were asking you to choose a favorite child! Don't worry, we would never do that... we can't imagine ever having to choose a favorite child ourselves and would not consider putting you through that agonizing decision. Unless, of course, you're an adoptive parent or a sponsor... then we completly understand why you might be drawn more to one sweet face than another.

All that being said, the kids are all favorites here. They're all special and unique in their own wonderful way and we love them.

Not only do we adore Sean's deep eyes, but we love they way he looks at others, seeing past their faults and winning their hearts with his charm.

Khloe has come so far. The questioning look she's wearing is just another proof of how much she's learning. She will have many challenges in her future, but she has already overcome so many in her past that we cheer her on. We know that she's going to impress us.

Hannah has certainly grown up from the little baby that she once was. She's adorable and we can't (and probably never will) get over how cute she is. She's pretty cool too. Look at how stylishly she wears her mom's sunglasses!

Silly Eliana is just bubbling with joy. She makes silly faces and giggles all the time. Everything seems to make her laugh and there aren’t many things that can get her spirits down.

Miss Lucy has quickly become a busy little girl. She’s quite active around the (pretend) kitchen and loves singing time. We also love the way she calls everybody “Yeye” (grandpa). She's learning to call people their correct names, but we sort of don’t want her to change her ways… we never cease to be amused when she calls out, “Yeye, yeye!” to the young ladies who visit.

…and we could go on and on and on! Our kids are each one of a kind. They’re amazing and they are all our favorites!

In response to yesterday’s pictures, SehLin dedicated a song she had written to the children at NDFH. It’s a special reminder of how precious the children are and how they are each a favorite. Please enjoy the lyrics and this video that we’ve put together.
I love you- Forever, you.
Though you are small, the vastness of space
Bears no one else I'd love in your place.

I love you- Forever, you.
By My Own hand, so wondrously made
Precious among all I have surveyed.

You are My favorite, no one could take your place!
Each day My heart is filled with joy longing to see your face.
You are My favorite, no one brings joy as you do!
Come let Me be your everything and bestow blessings on you.
Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Very Happy Kids

Which picture is your favorite?
Tuesday, June 28, 2011


 We don't blame you ladies...

...we're guilty as well.

 He's just too kissable.

You're very loved, Josiah.
Monday, June 27, 2011

The Learning Curve

 Sage has quite the miraculous past... and she's only seven months old!

If you read her amazing story, you learned that when we took her in to see if she was healthy enough for surgery, we found she was too healthy for surgery. The two holes in her heart were closed up and, except for her cleft lip and palate, Sage was perfectly healthy. This miraculous healing allowed for her to have the cleft lip surgery recently, and, the more we think about it, the more amazing it seems.

If Sage's heart had not been healed, she would still be waiting for heart surgery.

Until she had heart surgery, Sage would be unable to have her cleft lip surgery.

Not until Sage's cleft lip surgery can she have surgery for her cleft palate.

There's at least a six-month wait between each surgery.

As you can imagine, a cleft lip and palate is a big deal. It makes life very difficult. It's harder to eat, harder to drink, and learning to speak is a challenging process. But now Sage can begin learning to do all of these things!

And look, she's even re-learned how to smile! 
Friday, June 24, 2011

Helping Us Say Yes

It's the amazing generosity of the friends of New Day Foster Home that make it possible for us to show you new faces like this one:

We were blessed recently by a generous donor who sponsored a $5,000 matching challenge to other NDFH friends out there in the blog world. It seemed like a lofty goal to reach, until we saw this last week:

We are blown away by everybody's generosity. If you were part of this, thank you. Thank you, from the bottoms of our hearts. The $10,000 that was raised is enough to cover a spina bifida surgery and a hypospadia surgery. It's enough to cover a hip surgery and a cleft lip and palate surgery. It's almost enough to cover two mild heart surgeries and it's enough to cover the surgery for a very serious heart condition. Paige has a serious heart condition, and with this huge wonderful donation into our general surgery fund, we are able to say, "Yes" to her.

Without the money to fund surgeries, we are unable to give little ones like Paige a chance.

Thank you for helping us say, "Yes" to Paige.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Just Get Wet!

When it's hot outside and the sprinklers are on, what's a kid to do? Really, there's no choice but to get wet.

"Spray on me, water!"

Emelia and Isaac had no trepidations about running through the sprinkler or getting their clothes wet. That was a good thing, because they were both soaked!

This is so much fun!

Come on, Emelia, run with me!

 Alex came to join the party (and got soaked himself!). Watch the video at your own risk, you might get wet.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Asleep at the Wheel


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Swing High, Rosie!

We had no idea Rosie would love the backyard swing so much. 

It's true, she wasn't sure that she would like it as we lifted her in. But the minute she sat down and started gently swinging...

...a light spread over her face and she succumbed to the soothing back and forth motion.

Then she smiled.

And she giggled.

 Her hands grasped the ropes and she held on tight... going higher and higher... faster and faster.


Weee! Swing high, Rosie!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Big Sister in Training

 We were outside the other day. I was holding Nicole and Jazz had just scooped up Angela.

"Mei mei!" (little sister) Angela cried.

Would you like to give her a kiss?


You're a wonderful big sister, Angela.
Friday, June 17, 2011

Our Little Woman

She’s blossomed into a beautiful young lady. Literally. There’s no questioning the changes that we’ve seen in her since she arrived. They’ve all been amazing, and incredibly beautiful.

When Serena first arrived at the Foster Home her name did not describe her. She had just gone through some rough transitions and was far from “serene” and “peaceful.” But day after day, week after week, month after month, we watched her grow. Her hair grew longer. She grew taller. Peace began to flow through her and she blossomed into something lovely.

Serena is an encourager. Her little foster sister, Hannah, recently joined her in their more advanced class time, and Serena’s been by Hannah’s side the whole time. The closeness that these two girls have for one another is a precious sight. They love each other so much.

Often, when a child first arrives, we can see that they are hurting. Their desire to be loved is almost tangible. Serena came craving affirmation. She needed love, a special love that made her feel special. Now that her love tank is full, now that she knows she is loved desperately by people all over the world, Serena has her own love to share with others.

She has transformed into a little woman and we’re so proud.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Beating the Odds

I’ve only spent about a week with Philip, but my time with him has already been an incredible whirlwind of joy and excitement. During my first few minutes with him, I could not wrap my mind around how amazingly bright he was. His English was impeccable and he knew that my Chinese was not. Every time he spoke to me in Chinese, I responded hesitantly, repeating what he taught me back to him. Philip always reassuringly responded with “dway,” as he continued working with an activity. Philip was always very aware of how he could encourage me, not only with my Chinese, but also with the little things that needed to be done in the pre-k room. He was on top of tasks such as cleaning up after snack, or knowing who should go outside before lunch.

Philip is always so filled with joy, no matter what he is doing.

When I first got the background on Philip’s life, I learned that the doctors believed he would never be able to learn like other children and that he would never learn to walk. Clearly, their first prediction never came true. Now, Philip is working on proving them wrong in the later prediction. For two days now, he’s strapped on his new leg braces and strolled around the entire back yard using his walker. I’ve had the privilege of watching him make such astounding progress.

I could be biased, but I don’t believe I’ve ever met a little boy as inspiring as Philip. With a heart of gold, a bright mind, and unbelievable inner strength, he not only beat the odds but he also lives his life to the fullest with an infectious laugh and a precious smile. I am truly blessed to have met Philip.

This post was written by our intern, Bri

Note from Hannah: I just want to say a huge "Thank You!" of those who have contributed to Philip's brace. Even though the ChipIn has been hidden on our Wish List, many of you came forward to help out and Philip is benefiting greatly from your generosity. Thanks!

Wordless Wednesday: Brother Love

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Vision of Loveliness

Hannah is truly blossoming these days; growing sweeter and more beautiful with each passing day! She's carefree and full of laughter--a laugh that is utterly contagious! 

Keep on shining girl! 
Monday, June 13, 2011

Over the Weekend...

Over the weekend things were very busy at New Day Foster Home. Friday, the older kids and their field trip buddies spent the day at Beihai park where they fed fish, rode boats and ate hamburgers.

Check out all the pictures in the scrapbook!


Over the weekend we also welcomed three new children into our big family.

Ariana is the smallest and quite the wiggle-worm. We think that she must be part angel... she's just too precious.

Jonathan is one handsome 4-month old! His skin is quite blue due to his heart condition; we can't wait for an after picture when his heart is finally whole.

Alex will turn seven  next month and he has already won our hearts with his gentle spirit. He arrived for post-op care after eye surgery and we are excited to fold him into our family until the day when he goes home with his forever family.

We can't imagine the transition that Alex is going through right now, but he's doing so well it's easy to forget all that he's been through during the last few weeks. The younger kids love him and he's already showing us all of the things that he can do.

"I can ride this bike myself!" he told his nanny today. And even though he had never heard the songs before, Alex did the motions and sang along in preschool. He's learning fast and we can't wait to see where he is a few months, weeks, even days from now.

You're loved, Ariana, Jonathan and Alex. You're loved more than you could possibly imagine by people all over the world. Welcome to New Day!
Friday, June 10, 2011

Vincent and Friends

Welcome to Vincent and friends! On this show, Vincent will read you a book, teach you some sign language, make silly faces and try to pose for the pictures that he's convinced the camera is taking.

But wait, there's more! We shot some stills during the filming of this episode that we thought you might want to see. Vincent asked for this shot: "Taka me picture!" and posed handsomely for it.

He wanted a shot of this pose too. Vincent, you are just too funny!

It took a few takes to get this shot right... 

(don't miss the last few seconds of the video where we've filmed this pose live!)

It's a wrap!
Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Boatload of Fun

The children had a boatload of fun (pun intended) helping make the boat-shaped zong zi for Dragon Boat Festival last week. The bowls of soaking white rice were the best part! Isaac, Jace, Timothy and Reagan kept their hands cool as they made sure that the rice was totally mixed. Many hands make light work, right? It looks like Jace is in charge of the operation here, maybe he's encouraging his troops to mix harder? Or could he be correcting Reagan on her mixing technique?

Joel, Elliot and Tony thought that the bamboo leaves needed a bit more soaking, and they took that responsibility upon themselves. Joel is probably the leader of this team, but Elliot seems to have scooted his way into the center of the project.

Of course, a project like this is never completed until we've conducted a taste test. Here's Keith taking a bit of the finished product. He liked it!

There are over fifty more pictures of the action over in our scrapbook.