Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Vision of Loveliness

Hannah is truly blossoming these days; growing sweeter and more beautiful with each passing day! She's carefree and full of laughter--a laugh that is utterly contagious! 

Keep on shining girl! 


  1. Yes she is! I love all of the smiles I see on her beautiful face these days!! I recently seen her file online, and pray that a family comes forth for her soon... they will be SO blessed when they do!!

  2. She IS so lovely! I remember when she first came to the Healing Home....and look at her now! BEAUTIFUL girl!

  3. I Love this Girl So! She gave me a Kiss Goodbye before I left which was VERY Much out of character for her at the time. Really surprised me, and Rita! The family that gets her will truely be blessed!

  4. So gorgeous you are, Hannah!

    You are growing so fast...into a sweet, sweet and beautiful young lady!