Thursday, June 30, 2011

You Are My Favorite

There was a little miscommunication with yesterday's Wordless Wednesday post. We asked, "which one is your favorite?" meaning to ask "which picture?" and it almost sounded like we were asking you to choose a favorite child! Don't worry, we would never do that... we can't imagine ever having to choose a favorite child ourselves and would not consider putting you through that agonizing decision. Unless, of course, you're an adoptive parent or a sponsor... then we completly understand why you might be drawn more to one sweet face than another.

All that being said, the kids are all favorites here. They're all special and unique in their own wonderful way and we love them.

Not only do we adore Sean's deep eyes, but we love they way he looks at others, seeing past their faults and winning their hearts with his charm.

Khloe has come so far. The questioning look she's wearing is just another proof of how much she's learning. She will have many challenges in her future, but she has already overcome so many in her past that we cheer her on. We know that she's going to impress us.

Hannah has certainly grown up from the little baby that she once was. She's adorable and we can't (and probably never will) get over how cute she is. She's pretty cool too. Look at how stylishly she wears her mom's sunglasses!

Silly Eliana is just bubbling with joy. She makes silly faces and giggles all the time. Everything seems to make her laugh and there aren’t many things that can get her spirits down.

Miss Lucy has quickly become a busy little girl. She’s quite active around the (pretend) kitchen and loves singing time. We also love the way she calls everybody “Yeye” (grandpa). She's learning to call people their correct names, but we sort of don’t want her to change her ways… we never cease to be amused when she calls out, “Yeye, yeye!” to the young ladies who visit.

…and we could go on and on and on! Our kids are each one of a kind. They’re amazing and they are all our favorites!

In response to yesterday’s pictures, SehLin dedicated a song she had written to the children at NDFH. It’s a special reminder of how precious the children are and how they are each a favorite. Please enjoy the lyrics and this video that we’ve put together.
I love you- Forever, you.
Though you are small, the vastness of space
Bears no one else I'd love in your place.

I love you- Forever, you.
By My Own hand, so wondrously made
Precious among all I have surveyed.

You are My favorite, no one could take your place!
Each day My heart is filled with joy longing to see your face.
You are My favorite, no one brings joy as you do!
Come let Me be your everything and bestow blessings on you.


  1. I liked the first picture better yesterday and it never even crossed my mind that it was anything but a choice between the two photos. Maybe that is because my favorite child from NDFH has been my baby sister for 3 years now :)

  2. I second Amy's comment - but maybe that's because other than my own sweet alumni :) I couldn't choose either!

  3. Oh. my. GOSH. That picture of Sean just kills me. How sweet is he!!! I love you, big boy!