Monday, June 13, 2011

Over the Weekend...

Over the weekend things were very busy at New Day Foster Home. Friday, the older kids and their field trip buddies spent the day at Beihai park where they fed fish, rode boats and ate hamburgers.

Check out all the pictures in the scrapbook!


Over the weekend we also welcomed three new children into our big family.

Ariana is the smallest and quite the wiggle-worm. We think that she must be part angel... she's just too precious.

Jonathan is one handsome 4-month old! His skin is quite blue due to his heart condition; we can't wait for an after picture when his heart is finally whole.

Alex will turn seven  next month and he has already won our hearts with his gentle spirit. He arrived for post-op care after eye surgery and we are excited to fold him into our family until the day when he goes home with his forever family.

We can't imagine the transition that Alex is going through right now, but he's doing so well it's easy to forget all that he's been through during the last few weeks. The younger kids love him and he's already showing us all of the things that he can do.

"I can ride this bike myself!" he told his nanny today. And even though he had never heard the songs before, Alex did the motions and sang along in preschool. He's learning fast and we can't wait to see where he is a few months, weeks, even days from now.

You're loved, Ariana, Jonathan and Alex. You're loved more than you could possibly imagine by people all over the world. Welcome to New Day!


  1. YES! You are LOVED and already being prayed for!!!

  2. Welcome to the New Day Family, Ariana, Alex & Jonathan!