Thursday, March 4, 2010


CSN Stores contacted us recently offering to sponsor a giveaway for our foster home blog readers.  We thought this would be a fun way to express appreciation for all of you, as you guys rock!  You are so encouraging to our staff; you love our kiddos from afar; and you rally together to meet the foster home's needs!  You're an amazing group of people!

So I spent some time searching through CSN's website looking for something fun to choose as a giveaway item.  They have kids bedding, car seats, toys and games, and all sorts of other things for your home and life.  Really the question seems to be: What do they not sell?It took me a while to figure out something that seemed like it'd be a good fit for you guys.  But then I stumbled across one of these.  A plasma car, available in all sorts of colors!

In the warmer months, our children think these are just about the best toys ever.  They're powered entirely by hand-power, so even Samuel and Joshua can enjoy them and scoot all over the yard.  And they are a great way to expend some of that never-ending kid energy.

So, thanks to
CSN Stores, we're giving away one plasma car in a color of your choice to one lucky winner in the USA or Canada!

How do you enter?  Just leave a comment sharing what NDFH means to you!  You can get an extra entry by posting about the giveaway on your blog, facebook, or twitter (one for each, I suppose!) and another extra entry by putting a NDFH button on your blog (if you already have it, that counts).  Just tell us how many entries you qualify for in your comment!  That's up to 5 entries!

We'll announce the winner on Wednesday, March 10.  So, the contest closes Tuesday night in North America. 


  1. What a cool give away! And I LOVE that the children at New Day have these cars to play on, especially Samuel and Joshua! Oh I "heart" Samuel! (Can you put that as a bumper sticker on one of the cars?) I just melt thinking of the freedom WHEELS give a child--it fuels their imaginations, their independence, their need to go FAST and their belief that they can go FASTER and FARTHER than they thought possible! and what a wonderful way to spend time outdoors.
    For me finding New Day online was the answer to deep longing and prayer to God and an outlet of "how can I be the hands and feet of Him when I am so far away from China where my heart for some reason is drawn." New Day has put so many precious faces to where God's heart pours out and how He is working right now in everyday lives in people and for people and through people just like me. New Day has intertwined my life with the most amazing people in a design that is nothing short of God's handiwork as I sort out what it is that God's purpose is for this passion in my heart.
    (I follow this blog, will post on the giveaway on my blog and facebook and so with my comment I think I have 4 chances for the drawing?!)
    Thanks for the opportunity to cruise in style!

  2. NDFH is a place that gives me hope. I love to see these precious children being loved on and I am always so excited to see when another one joins their forever family. What a tremendous blessing it has been for me to watch children like Judson (and countless others) flourish in your care. Thank you for all that you do.

    I have your button on my blog, so I guess that is 2 entries for me.

    PS--LOVE the plasma cars. Have had my eye on one for quite a while!!!!!

  3. What a lovely giveaway! I actually found your blog while searching for foster resources for a friend that has recently taken two little girls into her home. My friend, Anne, has training as a special needs educator, and so has sought to care for special needs children. I am grateful for your resource, and have shared it with her.

  4. The NDFH blog is a blog I like to visit for smiles, inspiration and hope, as well as to see God's good work being done in the world.

  5. Suh-weet! :) I already have a NDFH button on my blog and how can I put in this little box what New Day means to me? You saved my son's life by providing him with formula...the Hohhot program. How many other precious lives have you saved? And the ones who went to Heaven sooner than we wished, you LOVED them before they left this earth. How can I say in mere words what my heart feels about New Day? Love. Gratitude. Wonder.
    I will write about this on my blog for the simple fact to draw more people to this amazing ministry.

  6. How can I articulate what New Day means to my family? You are the hands and feet of Jesus, glorifying Him by loving His children day by day.
    You saved our daughter Ruby's life and continue to save many lives with your mission to bring hope and homes to the lost in China. I will be eternally grateful to you all!

    I posted this great news on my facebook status and have your button already on my blog.

    Keep up the good work, you are Jesus with skin on, every day.


  7. "What New Day Foster Home means to me"...where to begin?! NDFH is an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, loving, remarkable place!!! It is love in it's most pure form!!! Thank you so much for loving these perfect children; and for sharing the lives of the children with us, we are so grateful to all of you! I have the NDFH button on our blog, and of course I will write about it, so that more people will come by and get hooked on NDFH, too!!! We love you all! Blessings to you!

  8. I tweeted about this giveaway: :)

  9. How do I begin to explain what New Day means to me and my family??

    First of all, Sarah Mei came into our family as a happy, healthy, well adjusted toddler who knew who we were because of New Day's amazing love and care. How can I thank you enough for this priceless gift???

    New Day Foster Home embodies the virtues of faith, hope and charity in countless ways.

    New Day is love and miracles. NDFH nourishes bodies and spirits and gives little ones reasons to trust and smile!

    You can literally see the love SHINE from the faces of the children. Simply beautiful.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! We love you and God bless!

    (I have a NDFH button on my blog and will also post about the giveaway! The plasma car is a GREAT idea!)

  10. When we first started researching our next international adoption I came across your blog. After reading about your mission of love in China I just knew that my next child would be coming from China. I have to admit I really believed that our new daughter would be coming from New Day. Funny how God works! It is always his plan that is best! We have been blessed to be matched with a wonderful little girl in Nanning.
    Though your blog it allows people to see that these kids are not special needs but just kids that's greatest needs are a family. So Thank you for sharing all of the kids at New Day with all of us .And providing a new found perspective about what "special needs" really means!
    ~Proud mama to Ben Pei!
    ~"self -appointed" godmother to New Day's Elizabeth and Samuel !!
    2 entries please!

  11. NDFH allows me to selfishly fulfill a need I have to play a part in an orphan's life by sponsoring and loving and praying for these children. I love that I can follow the children in your care and pray for them by name, and rejoice to see them find homes. NDFH has made orphans and special needs children 'real' to me and my family. I feel deep gratitude for all that you do for these children and for allowing me to play a very small part.
    2 entries for me!

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  13. NDFH has been such an encouragement to us as we waited to be matched with our own daughter from China. And, following the blog was a driving force in what encouraged us to pursue a special needs adoption. For that, I will forever be grateful. God used this blog to speak to us and ultimately match us with our little girl. So thankful for what you all do for the who some may say are the "least of these."

    Two entries for me--posting it on facebook now.

  14. Love it! We feel so blessed to be part of the ND family. We are so thankful for everything you have done for Drew and all the ND graduates. It will be so nice to thank all of you in person.

    I already have button on my blog.

  15. I have heard about New Day from friends who have visited the foster home and now from friends who have adopted from there. All positive experiences.

    My introduction to New Day was with the passing of Tristan. He completely touched my heart. And I love that Carrie can be a mouthpiece to so eloquently tell his story.


  16. Like many others, it's hard to know where to start. Because of the way each of you goes above and beyond in answering the call of God to care for orphans and give them life while they wait for their families, the core of our family has been changed. The work you do for orphans in China is AMAZING and a true miracle, but the way you choose to involve so many of us in that work is what makes you stand out, I think. WE have truly been the ones who have been blessed to be able to sponsor Liam, to get to know him, and to pray for him. When my kids go to bed each night and pray by name for a little boy in China who they love, I know that the work you do has changed many lives well outside of China. You allowing us to be a part of your work has helped me as a parent to help my children understand first-hand compassion, faith, the power of prayer, and how to in a small way, at their ages, live beyond themselves. I know the work you do in China is by far the most important, but I hope you never forget that your influence goes far beyond.

    The fact that you allow us to partner with you in prayer on behalf of these kids is humbling beyond words, and has been more of a blessing than I can say. The opportunity to "witness" through this blog so many miracles- God's very hand on the move in China- is priceless. It has been an encouragement to my faith.

    New Day is a part of our every day lives here. Not a day goes by when we don't interact with you all in some way. Even though we aren't officially part of the New Day family, we FEEL like we are (and you just never know what the next miracle God has in store!!!). I cannot WAIT to visit when we are in China....if I knew how many days it was, I'd be counting down!!! :)

    Thank you for all you do for kids in China....and for allowing us to be a small, small part of it too!!!

  17. I'll be honest in saying that the NDFH blog is new to me today but that I am already enjoying reading the posts and find myself reading the archives too. What a wonderful place for these precious children of China to live.

  18. As the new Mama of the sweet little girl in the above picture, it means more than words can express. It means that my sweet Adahlyn is loved and cared for by a wonderful family while she is waiting for us, her "forever family" to bring her home. It means that she was given the life saving heart surgery she needed to thrive and grow. New Day is a great example of God's hands here on earth. The "least of these" are loved, cherished, and given hope. The joy on the children's faces once they see how much the staff loves them is a sight to behold. I feel so privileged to pray for and donate to this wonderful blessing that is NDFH. Even if I weren't Adahlyn's Mama, I would still want to continue to be a part of all that New Day does. Thank you so very much!

    4 entries

  19. New Day has meant that I opened ourselves to adopting a child with special needs - specifically heart defects. Both of our daughters have heart defects, and through Doug and Janice Bush our hearts have fallen in love with New Day.

    I LOVE reading about the kids there, and plan on continuing to read about them for years to come.

    Now, I'm off to post about this, grab a button for my blog, and post to Facebook! I don't have a twitter account, unfortunately. I'll even plug the Milk Money campaign as well. :)

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  21. I can't believe I almost missed this post. It is no secret to anyone who knows me or follows my blog, how VERY much NewDay means to me! I first came across NewDay roughly 2 years ago when I first began researching SN adoption in China. From my very first visit to the website, I was hooked. It was that website that put a 'new face' on SN children, bringing them to life in a whole new way and showing me how they, too, are 'fearfully and wonderfully' made by our Creator. Soon, they were no longer SN in my eyes, but they were simply children who needed a home...representing the millions of others who wait! Our eyes were openend thanks to New Day. It was then that my children and I began picking a child from the list, learning about their SN and praying for them. We came to know each child over time, and we have been blessed to follow the journey home with many of their forever families.

    We are so eagerly anticipating our travels to bring home our sweet Khloe. The way God has used NewDay in our lives is beyond measure. We will be forever connected to NDFH and eternally grateful for the love and care you have given to Khloe as we wait to bring her home. We are so excited to visit and to meet the staff and all of the children. I only wish there were more NewDays out there, as there is such a need. But thank you for leading the way and being such a shining example and the light of Jesus to so many! We love you all! <><

    Even though it is running late for this give-away, I am going to do a shout out on my blog, as I hope it will bring more people across your path. We may not all be called to adopt, but we are all called to do something...and there is so many ways that people can reach out and support NewDay. Thanks to CSN stores for sponsoring your first give-away. The plasma car was the PERFECT choice. I've been looking all over for those, in hopes of finding one for Khloe. I'm prayin' our name is drawn from the hat...but if not, I know where to find them now!! Thanks Carrie!

    Blessings and Hugs,
    ~ Tanya

    * (3 entries)

  22. We are just starting the adoption process. I can't tell you what it means to me to see these little faces and know that maybe one could be mine. You've also helped us to sort through special needs and possibly reconsider things that we once thought we couldn't handle. In short, you give us hope for our future and prayerful hearts for the children who reside there. Thank you so much for all you do.

  23. Oh...we would love to win one of these cars!

    I love reading the New Day blog and hearing about all of the beautiful children!

    I have put a button on my blog---so two entries for me please!


  24. New Day = Love
    Thank you for loving my 2 boys and all the others. I'll be in tears if I say any more, thank you for the work you each do -

    I have your button and posted about the giveaway on our blog - so that 3 entries

  25. New Day makes my heart smile. Each time I log on and see these beautiful little peeps florishing under the love and guidance of your staff brings a smile to my face! thank you for taking such good care of these precious little ones.


  26. NDFH is such an exciting place filled with so much love and hope. My husband and I got the privelege of visiting in Aug of 2008 and now sponsor Addison. You do such wonderful work with the kids and give them so much love. Thank you.

    I posted on my blog and added your blog and website buttons. That would be 2 entries for me.