Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Boatload of Fun

The children had a boatload of fun (pun intended) helping make the boat-shaped zong zi for Dragon Boat Festival last week. The bowls of soaking white rice were the best part! Isaac, Jace, Timothy and Reagan kept their hands cool as they made sure that the rice was totally mixed. Many hands make light work, right? It looks like Jace is in charge of the operation here, maybe he's encouraging his troops to mix harder? Or could he be correcting Reagan on her mixing technique?

Joel, Elliot and Tony thought that the bamboo leaves needed a bit more soaking, and they took that responsibility upon themselves. Joel is probably the leader of this team, but Elliot seems to have scooted his way into the center of the project.

Of course, a project like this is never completed until we've conducted a taste test. Here's Keith taking a bit of the finished product. He liked it!

There are over fifty more pictures of the action over in our scrapbook.


  1. What a fun, educational activity and I'm sure it was yummy too! Yall are amazing! Thank you for giving these children opportunities and most important....LOVE.
    KEITH WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Praying for you all everyday....

  2. Oh that picture of Keith tasting his handiwork.

  3. Happy Dragon Boat Day from Hong Kong!