Thursday, June 23, 2011

Just Get Wet!

When it's hot outside and the sprinklers are on, what's a kid to do? Really, there's no choice but to get wet.

"Spray on me, water!"

Emelia and Isaac had no trepidations about running through the sprinkler or getting their clothes wet. That was a good thing, because they were both soaked!

This is so much fun!

Come on, Emelia, run with me!

 Alex came to join the party (and got soaked himself!). Watch the video at your own risk, you might get wet.


  1. Yippee... running through sprinklers on hot days is my idea of fun too. Like your cool "party" ideas. :-)
    Sending more hugs,
    Barbara Lyman

  2. Great Fun! Love these kids and wish I could get wet with them too!!