Thursday, May 31, 2012

NDSouth: Watch Us Grow!

Wow.. our children seem to have grown so much while we were away these last 3-4 weeks!  See if you agree..

Marshall! How wonderful to see you growing and gaining weight!

cuddly little Charlotte is now sporting Asa's former 'hair do'

the 'do' may be gone, but our little Asa grows more handsome each day!

best friends!

and guess who had a birthday this week?  three years old!


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

So Strong

Lily and Wendy both came to NDFH with heart defects were were not confident of being able to repair. We work with some of the best doctors in the best hospitals, but even then it wasn't for sure that these two would be able to get the lifesaving surgeries that they needed.

For them, the miracle was not just that they recovered unusually fast, and are daily gaining strength and energy.

The miracle is that they are here, and that they had surgery.

The miracle is that their strength was preserved as they each waited long - four years - for what would give them the opportunity to really live.

When we look into their eyes each day, watching Lily and Wendy run off together to fill yet another bubble solution bottle with water and get their shoes sopping wet, we see strength. The same strength that got them through and kept them alive is going to help them overcome their next hurdles, surgeries and transitions.

Wendy and Lily are so strong.


Read Lily's Amazing Story.

Read Wendy's Amazing Story.

Wordless Wednesday: Basking in the Sunshine

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pure and Bright

She's the newest little beauty in the foster home. Her name is Kate and there's something absolutely perfect about that name. It means pure and innocent.

Kate has two of the biggest, brightest eyes we've ever seen.

Kate has been through a lot in her short life. She was born with Esophagus Atresia, and had surgery for that when she was only 20 days old. Now Kate is here with us, eight months old, and in need of heart surgery to correct her heart disease (TOF). We hope that she will be able to have it soon.

If you could choose one word to describe Kate's eyes, what would it be?

Farewell Laoshi!!

On Sunday, the Forever Home girls were treated to a meal out by their English teacher who's been with us now nearly seven weeks!  She is soon to leave and since she'd never tried hot pot before, well....we can't let her leave without that experience!!  

What's a girl to do while waiting for the food to arrive?!  Why pose for a picture of course!!  Most all our girls are hams and often ask me (or others) to take their pictures--as if we don't take enough already!!

Just look at that sweet face!!  The face of one to leave us soon.  Though we haven't heard a date just yet,
we are thinking it will take place in about a month--or somewhere close to that.  She has been around here at New Day and the Forever Home for a long time and Hannah will surely be missed.  The bonds we've formed over the last few years with her are close, which will help her when she goes into her forever family.  Just knowing she's going into a loving family that is making her their very own forever, well....that certainly makes up for the loss of our precious Hannah!  She'll be blessed with all the things we couldn't possibly do for her like a forever family can and we are so excited for her as she certainly deserves to have the best life can offer her!  In the meantime, we continue to cherish each day we have with this oh soooo special girl!!

Ever seen such a precious face?!  Emma is a real sweety and we just love her to pieces! 

Mollie waits somewhat patiently while waiting for her food.  
Monday, May 28, 2012

Where Love Really Grows

The New Day Foster Home facility is great. There is love spilling out of the windows and miracles walking regularly through the door... but it's not enough.

A nanny, no matter how skilled and loving she is, in no replacement for a mother.
A home, regardless of its cheery decorations and happy busyness, in no substitute for a family.

This is why we try to place children in foster families as soon as we can. Sarah Lyn arrived just last month. She was a content little girl in the foster home. She had a little seat to lay in that her nanny could rock comfortably, back and forth. The older children neither bothered her nor ignored her.

But sweet little Sarah Lyn needs more than this if she's going to truly blossom, which is why she was first on the list to join a foster family. She left last Friday, and we're confident that there's already a new sparkle in this little one's eye.

Families are where love really grows, and we're thrilled to be able to help love grow through foster families for many of our children. Find out which ones are currently in foster families here!
Sunday, May 27, 2012

Multitasking Little Men

Playing outside the other morning, Levi wanted to ride in his pink car and Josiah wanted to practice walking. The nannies were busy with some fussy babies and a little misplaced energy in the sandbox, so Josiah and Levi had to figure out how to have fun on their own.

It didn't take them long to come up with this arrangement.

They took laps around the yard, Josiah happily walking behind, pushing Levi, as Levi relaxed in the car.

It was pretty ingenious of them, don't you think?

I wonder what they will come up with next?
Saturday, May 26, 2012

Maya's Miracle

When Maya was admitted into the hospital two weeks ago, we fearfully wondered if we would ever see her joyful smile and beautiful eyes again. But Maya's life is proof that miracles do happen, and that beautiful things can occur, even in the most dire circumstances.

Maya is alive.

Maya is home.

And Maya still has her smile.

"Out of the ashes, beauty will rise..."

Choose to Hope. Believe in miracles. Rejoice.
Friday, May 25, 2012

Her Favorite Thing To Do

Lena is a little flower. She looks darling in pink, and wears headbands for about 45 seconds.

Her eyes are so huge and thoughtful you could get lost in them.

When she smiles, her teeny little teeth almost come together, but are lost in her sweet under bite. And then her eyes try to disappear with the joy... until she's giggling again.

You might think that Lena would enjoy being held, or maybe playing on the floor; but her favorite thing to do is rock in her car seat. She can go back and forth again and again, faster and faster. Heaven forbid you slow down her momentum, or suggest to cuddle her while she's in the "zone."

Just to prove it, we took a video of Miss Lena doing her very favorite thing. If you ever come to visit, chances are that Lena will be in her car seat, rocking away.

What Happened?

What happened to this tiny little thing? This sweet little baby girl?

She grew up, that's what!

Sage, you have gotten so big and grown up so much since you were carried through the door last March. You're the apple of your foster parent's eye, and they're both so proud of you.

We've heard that you don't care to pick flowers, but instead prefer collecting rocks and stones along the paths outside. You see beauty in them and they have value for you.

Just this week we heard that you have been matched with a family. An adoptive family - a forever family - who will be able to care for you and nurture you, little flower, forever.

Sage, our growing-up-flower who sees beauty in pebbles... you are SO loved.
Thursday, May 24, 2012

This Joy of Mine

I met her when she was only 7 months old. She was tiny, and she rarely smiled. I instantly fell in love. I got to know this little baby very well, and her precious face would light up when I entered the room. After a few months serving at NDFH, it was time for me to go. Leaving her was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

This little girl’s name is Joy.

My family returned to China, for the second time, this past March. It had been 10 months since I had last seen Joy. I was excited to see all the children, but I was especially thrilled to see Joy. I had seen pictures, but when I saw her in person, no longer a little baby, I couldn’t believe how beautiful Joy had gotten.

Joy is a delightful little beauty. Her smile lights up the room, and her giggles are contagious. She is silly, affectionate, and very clever. She is quite adventurous as well. Some of her favorite things to do include playing with teddy bears, going down the slide, being snuggled, and playing peekaboo.

When I first came to China, I had no idea that I’d fall so easily in love with a little baby. But I did fall in love, and I am joyous because of it. I treasure every minute we have together; every smile she smiles, every kiss she gives, and all of her laughter. I am thankful for laughing with her, holding her, and being given the opportunity to love on her. But most of all, I am thankful for the Joy in my life.

This post was written by our wonderful intern, Page

NDSouth: Our Little Sweetheart

It's hard to believe that Miss Charlotte has been with us for almost 2 months now! What a difference love and attention makes. She is getting so big, moving around, and beginning to have a little personality. It is so wonderful to watch her grow and thrive. She loves to smile now! We are excited to continue to watch this little miracle blossom and grow before our eyes. She has a bright future ahead of her!

This post was written by Anneli
Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Claire's Smile

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Forever Home: Just Hangin' Out

What do our girls like to do on their day off?  Well, even though they are at New Day five days a week already, they still enjoy going there on the weekends to play.  That's because New Day is such an awesome place!

Mollie and Emma had a great time on the teeter totter.

Isn't that the sweetest bunch of girls you ever did see?!  

Elly hanging out with big sister, Elise.
Monday, May 21, 2012

Fieldtrip Favorites

We tried to choose our favorite photo from Friday's fieldtrip, but it was just too hard! So, here are four super-cute ones for you to enjoy. The post is 4x cuter this way, right?

That photo of Josiah above might just take the cake. Do you have a favorite photo of all?

And, as always, there are even more photos in the scrapbook for today. Head on over and see them!
Thursday, May 17, 2012

"So that she can walk!"

This is a true story...


"What are you doing, Philip?" we asked.

"I'm giving her surgery," he replied.

"What kind of surgery?"
"For her feet. I'm fixing her foot and giving her a cast."

"Why?" we asked.

"So that she can walk."

About two years ago, Philip had a procedure, similar to the one he gave the doll, done on his hips. He was in a half-body cast for quite a few months. Since that time, Philip has done some amazing things. Such as learning how to walk, and standing.

We think that it's really neat how adept and comfortable our children are with all things medical and surgery related. They are truly experts, as they have been through more procedures and check-ups than most children (and more than any child should ever have to go through!). They are incredible little people.

Who knows, maybe Philip will grow up to be a surgeon one day?

NDSouth: Haircuts

Three of our boys went in for haircuts last week. Their hair was getting pretty long, and it continues get hotter and hotter down here. We decided that they needed new hairdo’s to help cool them off.
Benjamin thought it was pretty cool that he got to sit in a car while getting his hair cut. Once he was done, he didn’t want to get out!
Asa wasn’t quite so sure about the whole hair cutting thing, but who could blame him? Who would want to part with that beautiful hair of his? We think he looks pretty handsome.
Jonah was so serious during his haircut, and doesn’t seem quite so sure about his “new look.” We think you look so handsome Jonah!

The boys are all set for summer now!
This post was written by Anneli