Wednesday, May 30, 2012

So Strong

Lily and Wendy both came to NDFH with heart defects were were not confident of being able to repair. We work with some of the best doctors in the best hospitals, but even then it wasn't for sure that these two would be able to get the lifesaving surgeries that they needed.

For them, the miracle was not just that they recovered unusually fast, and are daily gaining strength and energy.

The miracle is that they are here, and that they had surgery.

The miracle is that their strength was preserved as they each waited long - four years - for what would give them the opportunity to really live.

When we look into their eyes each day, watching Lily and Wendy run off together to fill yet another bubble solution bottle with water and get their shoes sopping wet, we see strength. The same strength that got them through and kept them alive is going to help them overcome their next hurdles, surgeries and transitions.

Wendy and Lily are so strong.


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  1. Sweet Lily and Wendy! You ARE so strong! And you have had strong arms holding you up the entire time!!!!! Praise God!