Saturday, May 26, 2012

Maya's Miracle

When Maya was admitted into the hospital two weeks ago, we fearfully wondered if we would ever see her joyful smile and beautiful eyes again. But Maya's life is proof that miracles do happen, and that beautiful things can occur, even in the most dire circumstances.

Maya is alive.

Maya is home.

And Maya still has her smile.

"Out of the ashes, beauty will rise..."

Choose to Hope. Believe in miracles. Rejoice.


  1. You are a miracle, sweet Maya! And we are still praying for you!

  2. That beautiful smile sure brings a smile to this face! She is precious!

  3. hannah very well said....she is a miracle....continued prayers being said for sweet sweet girl and gain your have a wonderful future ahead of you God is paving the way.

  4. Our family rejoiced in the news as we read about the beginning of Maya's recovery. We're still praying for strength and health for this precious angel!
    Beauty will rise indeed!

  5. We praise God for His mercy! are a treasure. Thank you Lord for these answered prayers!!!!