Friday, May 25, 2012

Her Favorite Thing To Do

Lena is a little flower. She looks darling in pink, and wears headbands for about 45 seconds.

Her eyes are so huge and thoughtful you could get lost in them.

When she smiles, her teeny little teeth almost come together, but are lost in her sweet under bite. And then her eyes try to disappear with the joy... until she's giggling again.

You might think that Lena would enjoy being held, or maybe playing on the floor; but her favorite thing to do is rock in her car seat. She can go back and forth again and again, faster and faster. Heaven forbid you slow down her momentum, or suggest to cuddle her while she's in the "zone."

Just to prove it, we took a video of Miss Lena doing her very favorite thing. If you ever come to visit, chances are that Lena will be in her car seat, rocking away.

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