Thursday, May 17, 2012

NDSouth: Haircuts

Three of our boys went in for haircuts last week. Their hair was getting pretty long, and it continues get hotter and hotter down here. We decided that they needed new hairdo’s to help cool them off.
Benjamin thought it was pretty cool that he got to sit in a car while getting his hair cut. Once he was done, he didn’t want to get out!
Asa wasn’t quite so sure about the whole hair cutting thing, but who could blame him? Who would want to part with that beautiful hair of his? We think he looks pretty handsome.
Jonah was so serious during his haircut, and doesn’t seem quite so sure about his “new look.” We think you look so handsome Jonah!

The boys are all set for summer now!
This post was written by Anneli


  1. Either way, long or short, the "trio" is the cutest, most handsome in all of the province!!!
    Sending lots of hugs & snuggles,
    Barbara Lyman :-)

  2. Looks like they all sat there like sweet little gentlemen ~ they all look positively ADORABLE!!!