Monday, May 28, 2012

Where Love Really Grows

The New Day Foster Home facility is great. There is love spilling out of the windows and miracles walking regularly through the door... but it's not enough.

A nanny, no matter how skilled and loving she is, in no replacement for a mother.
A home, regardless of its cheery decorations and happy busyness, in no substitute for a family.

This is why we try to place children in foster families as soon as we can. Sarah Lyn arrived just last month. She was a content little girl in the foster home. She had a little seat to lay in that her nanny could rock comfortably, back and forth. The older children neither bothered her nor ignored her.

But sweet little Sarah Lyn needs more than this if she's going to truly blossom, which is why she was first on the list to join a foster family. She left last Friday, and we're confident that there's already a new sparkle in this little one's eye.

Families are where love really grows, and we're thrilled to be able to help love grow through foster families for many of our children. Find out which ones are currently in foster families here!

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