Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Farewell Laoshi!!

On Sunday, the Forever Home girls were treated to a meal out by their English teacher who's been with us now nearly seven weeks!  She is soon to leave and since she'd never tried hot pot before, well....we can't let her leave without that experience!!  

What's a girl to do while waiting for the food to arrive?!  Why pose for a picture of course!!  Most all our girls are hams and often ask me (or others) to take their pictures--as if we don't take enough already!!

Just look at that sweet face!!  The face of one to leave us soon.  Though we haven't heard a date just yet,
we are thinking it will take place in about a month--or somewhere close to that.  She has been around here at New Day and the Forever Home for a long time and Hannah will surely be missed.  The bonds we've formed over the last few years with her are close, which will help her when she goes into her forever family.  Just knowing she's going into a loving family that is making her their very own forever, well....that certainly makes up for the loss of our precious Hannah!  She'll be blessed with all the things we couldn't possibly do for her like a forever family can and we are so excited for her as she certainly deserves to have the best life can offer her!  In the meantime, we continue to cherish each day we have with this oh soooo special girl!!

Ever seen such a precious face?!  Emma is a real sweety and we just love her to pieces! 

Mollie waits somewhat patiently while waiting for her food.  

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  1. Sweet girls! Hannah is such a delight...she has a special place in our heart as she was our Kevins Healing Home buddy for a bit...I love her smile that lights up a room!