Saturday, April 14, 2012

When Dreams Come True

I wonder, what do these boys and girls dream of as they breath the deep breaths of sleep? What goes through their minds as they sit quietly and ponder... what do they ponder? Do they dream in the silence that, when day comes and all is bright and lively, miracles will happen?

For Joel and Philip, do they dream that one day, they will walk on their own?

This is what I wonder.

I watch them, standing tall and walking strong. Laps around the playground... Races with the dog... Laughter and exertion always go together with these two. They are champions.

I see them each day, walking strength into those muscles. Who knows but that they are, each night, dreaming of what once was the impossible.

Walking. Some might say that will never be a reality for these boys. But if you asked them... I think that they would insist that it's already a dream come true.

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  1. Beautiful post! Love, love love the pics! Praying for these boys that they will find families soon!