Monday, September 29, 2014

A Friend Like Seth

How to be a wonderful friend, as demonstrated by Seth:

1. Give lots of hugs...

...really big hugs, that make the other person giggle...

...maybe try to lift them off the ground a little.

2. Laugh hilariously at every opportunity.

3. If your friend can't walk, have a crawling race with them...

...maybe even let them win sometimes.*

So there you have it, friendship according to Seth.

*We're not convinced that you let him win, Seth - Hudson is really fast!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

NDNorth: How is it done?

A sweet moment between Nelson and Timothy during Timothy's time at New Day Beijing. 

Timothy: Hey! Nelson Gege, do that thing again? Remember? That thing with your tongue?

Nelson: *thinks*

Timothy: Please? Show me?
Nelson: I got it!

Nelson: *sticks tongue out*
Timothy: Hmmm... 

Nelson: Now you try.
Timothy: *tries*

Nelson: You got it!
Timothy: *sticks tongue out*

Timothy: Nelson Gege, why were they taking pictures of us?
Nelson: I have no idea. They always do that.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

NDSouth: Painting with Our Hands and Feet

Recently we've a had a couple of new volunteers join us for morning preschool, and with the extra hands available, we decided that it would be fun to break out some paint for craft time. This was Lulu's first time painting with us, and she was pretty intrigued by the entire process.

She sat nice and still as we painted her hands and feet, and when it wasn't her turn, she was eager to watch the other children as they went. We think she was trying to size up this painting business.

Chris was pretty intrigued by it too, though he has painted before. He loved looking at his footprints, and was pretty amused by his blue feet. 

We think Chris and Lulu would probably let us paint their hands and feet all day if we could.

 Ada, on the other hand, wasn't quite so sure about this painting stuff. Sure painting is all fun and games when you're using brushes, but when it's going on your hands and feet? Ada wasn't completely convinced of that. 

So instead, she chose to play with blocks, and so long as the paint didn't come near her, she was perfectly content with her chosen activity.

Last but certainly not least was Amy. She knew exactly what to do when her turn came around. She sat perfectly still as we painted her hands...

...but when we painted her feet? Well, that's another story. She might, however, be just a little bit ticklish.

So what did we make with our hands and feet? We're sure you're dying to know, so wait no more! 

We made flowers, that's what. Aren't they adorable? We think so! 
Friday, September 26, 2014

Annabel's Wheels

This may be one of the best donations ever.  Well, perhaps a really big check is even better, but this was pretty fun!  A big, battery-operated, remote-control police car, how cool is that?

Who do you think has spent the most time in this mean-machine?

Yep, this little cutie.  We have a LOT of pictures.

Remember this one?

Annabel just loves riding in the car with her friends.

Selah just doesn't look quite so sure about it, does she?  Maybe she wants to get out...

Or perhaps it's best if she just shuts her eyes!

Jack was another nervous passenger... How about Spider-Girl (a.k.a. Lydia)?

The clue to Annabel's numerous 'turns' in the car lies in the background of the picture above.  Yes, it's Adam, Annabel's 'baba'.

Nothing like having the boss-of-the-background wrapped around your little finger when it comes to getting rides, hey Annabel?

Seems like driving the car is as much fun for Adam as it is for Annabel.

Rob wanted to have a turn at driving too.  Oops, who crashed it?!

The car can also be used without the remote control, and some of the older kids have become pretty good at driving it themselves.  That's for another post, maybe...?
Thursday, September 25, 2014

NDSouth: These Are the Months of the Year

Every morning in preschool we talk about the days of the week as well as the months of the year, and since the kids love to sing so much, we have a special song for each of them too. That said, Amy and Ada have especially taken to singing the song about the months of the year.

Actually, they've taken to it so much that Ada commonly sings it to herself throughout the day (And sometimes in class, too!), while Amy can now recite the months all on her own.

Want to see it for yourself? We thought you we got a video of both! Enjoy!

Aren't they precious? We are so proud of each of our girls...and figured you might be impressed too. We were right, weren't we?
Wednesday, September 24, 2014

NDNorth: Loving Leon

When Leon first arrived into our care, we arranged for him to be sent down to Beijing because we didn't have anyone up here who was trained to care for him, as he was very, very weak and struggled to eat. Penny, a retired nanny at New Day Beijing, agreed to look after him and she has done an incredible job.

Just look at how well he is doing, how chubby his little cheeks are getting, and the way he's peering up at Penny with one eye as she stares lovingly down at him.

Leon's Chinese name is "Yan," but we wanted to choose an English name for him as well, mostly for the sake of the foreigners. We asked Paul and Julie, close friends of New Day who were on their way to China as Leon was arriving, if they would chose his English name. They agreed, and it was with joy that we got to introduce them to our tiny little Leon, which means "lion."

He may not be big, scary and fierce, but Leon is a fighter! And he's growing. 

Paul and Julie got to love on him and you can see just how tiny he is when he's in their arms! 

Because of Leon's ENT defect, he can be a bit more messy when he eats. Penny handmade this bib for him.

It's a beautiful work of love, one that must have taken many hours of work, but is so practical for our little one. It was so comfy that he slept straight through his photoshoot. 

Sleep deeply, little one, and remember that you are loved.

Wordless Wednesday: Beauty

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Therapy Tuesday: A Cute Distraction

Talia was supposed to be posting the discs into the pig...
She had some help, and she knew just what she was meant to do...but, no, Talia didn't want to post the discs into the pig.

What could she do instead?

Gatecrash Rosie's therapy session, of course!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Haven't They Grown?!

Last week was the monthly 'weighing and measuring' time, and all the kids in foster families came to New Day for a little visit.

Can you even recognize this sweet girl?  Imagine her smaller, with sticking-up hair...?

Nora!  How can she have changed so much in just a month?!

And this handsome young gentleman?  It's Mason of course, and maybe he hasn't changed quite so much.  He's still utterly adorable.

And this sweet toddler?  Surely this can't be baby Adia...!

As well as getting weighed and measured, Nora also got to try on a special outfit that had arrived as a gift for her (thank you, Meredith!).  Doesn't she look beautiful in it?

Mason has a complaint though..."Shouldn't there be cookies in here?"

Adia got to meet one of our current volunteers, Melissa.  This was pretty special because Melissa just happens to be the big sister of Stella, who Adia's foster-mama cared for until she was adopted by Melissa's family.  The significance was rather lost on Adia, but she was happy to pose for a picture.

Time to head home now?  It looks like Nora will be walking soon...

... and there's no stopping Adia!

Mason and his foster-brother Wayne have snacks for the journey home.  A cookie for Mason, and dried seaweed for Wayne.  Yummy!

See you next month, sweet little ones.