Monday, April 14, 2014

Adam and Annabel

You've seen the pictures of our beautiful backyard, but have you ever read the story of our gardener? Adam has been at New Day for six years now, and his wife Hannah works as a nanny in the Foster Home.

Adam works hard to keep the backyard tidy and in bloom.  When the kids come out to play though, another pretty little flower often demands his attention.

When she lived upstairs in the baby room, one of Annabel's main nannies was Adam's wife,  Hannah.

Our children call all the nannies 'mama', so what else would Annabel call Adam but 'baba' ('daddy')?  She does, and it is one of the sweetest things ever.

Annabel is often shy, but with those she knows and trusts, like Adam and Hannah, her sweet little personality shines out.

Annabel is such a loved little girl.  It's a joy to watch her smile and play in a garden tended with love, and to see her walk hand-in-hand with Adam.  Her Amazing Story has intersected with Adam's story of hope and redemption, and it is beautiful to watch.

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