Monday, September 22, 2014

Haven't They Grown?!

Last week was the monthly 'weighing and measuring' time, and all the kids in foster families came to New Day for a little visit.

Can you even recognize this sweet girl?  Imagine her smaller, with sticking-up hair...?

Nora!  How can she have changed so much in just a month?!

And this handsome young gentleman?  It's Mason of course, and maybe he hasn't changed quite so much.  He's still utterly adorable.

And this sweet toddler?  Surely this can't be baby Adia...!

As well as getting weighed and measured, Nora also got to try on a special outfit that had arrived as a gift for her (thank you, Meredith!).  Doesn't she look beautiful in it?

Mason has a complaint though..."Shouldn't there be cookies in here?"

Adia got to meet one of our current volunteers, Melissa.  This was pretty special because Melissa just happens to be the big sister of Stella, who Adia's foster-mama cared for until she was adopted by Melissa's family.  The significance was rather lost on Adia, but she was happy to pose for a picture.

Time to head home now?  It looks like Nora will be walking soon...

... and there's no stopping Adia!

Mason and his foster-brother Wayne have snacks for the journey home.  A cookie for Mason, and dried seaweed for Wayne.  Yummy!

See you next month, sweet little ones.

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