Wednesday, September 24, 2014

NDNorth: Loving Leon

When Leon first arrived into our care, we arranged for him to be sent down to Beijing because we didn't have anyone up here who was trained to care for him, as he was very, very weak and struggled to eat. Penny, a retired nanny at New Day Beijing, agreed to look after him and she has done an incredible job.

Just look at how well he is doing, how chubby his little cheeks are getting, and the way he's peering up at Penny with one eye as she stares lovingly down at him.

Leon's Chinese name is "Yan," but we wanted to choose an English name for him as well, mostly for the sake of the foreigners. We asked Paul and Julie, close friends of New Day who were on their way to China as Leon was arriving, if they would chose his English name. They agreed, and it was with joy that we got to introduce them to our tiny little Leon, which means "lion."

He may not be big, scary and fierce, but Leon is a fighter! And he's growing. 

Paul and Julie got to love on him and you can see just how tiny he is when he's in their arms! 

Because of Leon's ENT defect, he can be a bit more messy when he eats. Penny handmade this bib for him.

It's a beautiful work of love, one that must have taken many hours of work, but is so practical for our little one. It was so comfy that he slept straight through his photoshoot. 

Sleep deeply, little one, and remember that you are loved.

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  1. Such a privilege and we are looking forward to seeing this little guy grow as he's loved by the amazing people at New Day :)